Thoughts on Beretta Neos 22's ?

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Feb 25, 2004
Brown County, OH
Hi folks,

I am thinking about buying a neos 22 to play around with and would like to hear other folks opinions before I do or not.....durability,accuracy...feed reliabilty... etc..???

I bought a used one, so far no problems. Had a few failures to feed with some American Eagle HP stuff, but the PMC and Remington stuff ran perfectly.

One thing that seems to happen more than often, noted at the rim fire central board, is the rear sight windage screw comes loose very quickly. Mine is already gone after I noticed it the first time. I mounted a red dot scope, didn't look at the normal sights, and when I was done with 200 rounds, the screw was gone. So set it, and use something like thread lock or nail polish to keep it in place.
I bought mine new a bout 2500 rounds ago. It is a very fun gun to shoot, accuracy is fine...I am not a competitive shooter, so I don't know how the accuracy compares with other .22's, but at 50' there is no proble, making a 2" grouping, and I am a lousy shot.

Takes down for cleaning very most/all .22's, very little recoil, and I think it is nicely balanced. Some people complain about the trigger, but I am a rather new shooter so I don't have a large database to compare with, but it seems fine, if a bit heavy, for me.

Functionally, the only problem I have had is an occassional ammo failure, maybe 3 or 4 in 2500+ rounds.

Seems sturdy, well made...interesting looking, inexpensive to own and shoot.
It is unreal how much fun one of these guns and a red dot scope is! I love mine and shoot whatever I can find on sale thru it with no problems so far. The big complaint seems to be the trigger but after 3000 mine is okay.
Someone wondered: "I’ve been thinking about picking one of the Neo’s up but I have some questions. What are the DLX and Inox features?"

I think this is the basic difference.

Standard Neos is black on black; 4.5 or 6" barrel; price range in the $225 -$250 depending on your locality;

Inox is exactly the same, but satin stainless steel upper (like the picture I earlier posted...that is a 6" Inox model and cheap red dot). $250-$275

DLX is new model; if I remember correctly it has the option of different colors on the sights; different color grips; and an adustable trigger. $275-$300.
My shooting partner has a neos. His is pretty accurate, reliable, and durable. He shoots 500 rounds at a time with nary a problem...mostly limited to the cheap 22 rounds he shoots. I've shot it, and I think I'd rather have a Ruger. YMMV.
I bought my son one. It only has a hundred or so rounds through it so far, a few FTF's but I blame that on the ammo.
I like the way it feels, well balanced and light. I don't care much for the safety, it's too far back and hard to disengage one handed.
Put a red dot on it too, haven't got back to the range to sight in in though.

Thanks for all your input, I think I personally would rather have a ruger mark II or 22/45, but I was browsing the beretta website looking at those things and the wife walked by and said......ooooohhhh, those look cool, and when the wife makes a statement like that you tend to not pass an opportunity up :D

You are correct, don't pass up that opportunity. Buy it for her, I am sure she might let you shoot. it. ;)

I also agree that the Ruger MKII is a better gun. I have the competition model and I bought my son the Neo. But the Neo is still fun to shoot.
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