Tight Primer Pockets & CCI 200 LRP

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Dec 29, 2012
Eastern NC
Got back into rifle reloading the other day. I was loading up some 1970's 270 RP brass with 1989 CCI 200 LRPs. I was using my Lee hand primer. I could hardly get them into the cases! I switched to priming them on my old Spartan c press;better but not much. I have had no issues with pistol priming.
Question: Anyone else had this issue?
Normal for me. I can normally only do a couple hundred before my hands get tired. Pistol brass is much easier the large rifle. Lapua .308 primer pockets are really tight.
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Lapua .308 primer pockets are really right.


Much as the advice I gave to 1k above....

If its REALLY bad, and you don't want to do something that will alter your cases ( because those pockets WILL loosen up eventually, tight is good ! ) Spray a light dusting of PTFE over your primer feed tray, then add the primers.


It does not take much, and you'll be AMAZED at how well this works.

Dont like it ? Afraid after doing it that somehow PTFE is going to contaminate your primers ?

Wipe tray with alcohol and a rag. Comes right out.

Easy cheesy. And unlike "uniforming" your primer pockets so that they eventually drop your primers after the 5th firing, this does nothing mechanically to the brass... And no, the PTFE won't cause your primers to fall out, lol.
I actually HAD to uniform the primer pockets on my Lapua brass. The center kind of had a small hump which caused several failure to fires. I know it was that because I tried firing the same round several times each and they wouldn't fire. After uniforming the primer pocket bottom, they fired just fine.

What I normally do with my Lapua brass is slowly raise the primer and you can actually feel it line up with the pocket. Once it's lined up, I then push the primer in.
1kperday, thanks for old thread.
Yeap, mine are green & white box also! Fortunately I only have 2-3 k left.
Good reloading, Catpop
If this is used brass, you can just try cleaning the primer pockets. I find primers will seat easier in rifle cases that have clean primer pockets. If you load a lot of rifle on a single stage, you might want to consider using the RCBS Bench Mounted priming tool. It's fast and requires virtually no effort on your part to seat primers perfectly.
I use an RCBD priming die, and I have never experienced any issues priming, or a single FTF in all my years of reloading, regardless of what brass I use.

If the priming button is flat, in other words, completely free of any debris, and the collar is following the primer as it contacts and enters the pocket, the primers should consistently get a straight start every time. I've yet to come across a primer that is too tight, tight is good.

I think you would agree that these are overly tight. We're not talking "snug" or S&B brass/tight primer pockets here. These are RIDICULOUSLY TIGHT. Like the full weight of my body on the handle of a press tight.

I'll mic some and see what they measure. They're pretty much unusable for me unless I figure something out. I may try teflon as blarby suggests.
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