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Trans to FFL/Receipt from

Discussion in 'Legal' started by K-Man, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. K-Man

    K-Man Member

    Mar 2, 2004
    Here's the scenario:

    I have a gun that's being sent from a private seller in another state to the local FFL I've previously used for transfers. We've recently had a "falling out" and I was informed yesterday by this FFL that they were going to refuse the shipment when it arrives today (it's already out on the truck for delivery). At the time the FFL told me that, they did not know any of the particulars of the shipment, i.e., where it was coming from, what kind of gun, who the delivery company was, etc.

    So what happens next? There are a number of possible scenarios that I can think of that might happen, but I'm unfamiliar with the real possibilities. Obviously the easiest is that they accept the shipment and we do the transfer. The next would be that they do, in fact, refuse the shipment and it goes back to the sender, and I start all over again with a new ffl and paying for shipping to get it back here.

    What happens though if they accept the shipment, log it in, and then want to charge me some outlandish amount of $$$ for the transfer, i.e., $100+ or similar, and I decline. Are they now the new owner of the gun and in turn can sell it as a part of their inventory? Or let's say I agree to pay the high transfer fee, and take possession of the gun - do I have any recourse against the ffl that would follow along the lines of "scalping"?

    Thanks for any info you folks can provide.
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