Un-American to have an AK?

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There is nothing un-American about owning an AK. It is definitely un-American to tell the law-abiding public that they can't be trusted with them though.

Of course, if you want to justify buying an AR because it is more American, go right ahead.
That said, if you came up to me and put an AR and an AK on a table, assuming all else is equal and told me I could only have one, I'd probably pick the AR. Cheaper ammo and can switch calibers easily.

I would like to know where you are buying your 223 or 5.56 ammo? Stuff is nearly 50 cents a round nowadays, unless you handload.
The AK is seen as a tool for revolutionaries all around the world. I'm sure Washington or Jefferson would have owned at least one.
The AK is seen as a tool for revolutionaries all around the world.

an ak does conjure up pictures of terrorists, and/or revolutionaries groups and there evil ways. That being said some of these groups ideas and rationalizations where not very far from our fore fathers ideas. I'm sure the British felt the same way about or fore fathers as say we think of al queda. Unfortunatly some of these groups take their ideas and methods way to far and that has given their weapon of choice a bad name/image. Go to other parts of the world and i'm sure the m16 brings up images of the US trying to force there ideas on the rest of the world.
that being said,
i don't think its unamerican to own an AK. it is only one of the greatest battle rifles of all time
I'll buy an AK when I can buy a real AK (i.e., full-auto). Mr. Kalashnikov never intended his rifle to be semi-auto. 'Till then, I'll stick with the Mosin as my little piece of Russian/Soviet firearms history.

3. The Soviet Bear collapsed before American values, wealth, and strength. Owning an "enemy" weapon symbolizes our power and dominance.

heh, never thought about it that way... that's pretty funny, but true to some extent. Maybe that's why I own a Nissan automobile? :confused:
Unless we just like throwing money away or limiting the potential number of allied troops, we need to use AKs as basic infantry and support troop weapons. Also, our biggest problem is murkiness and lack of goals.
I would pursue the following options in order:

1. Use diplomacy to avoid conflicts, transforming potential enemies into allies or at least neutrals.
2. In those cases where diplomacy fails, apply enough military force to get a reasonable enemy to surrender. Take their guns, ammo, and factories and use them for our side.
3. In cases where surrendered forces start fighting again, or when surrender in face of total destruction is still refused, kill the remaining enemies. Take their guns and their ammo. Most will be AKs.

What is un-American is fighting with insufficent force, without a plan, and even worse, betraying our troops while they are in the field. Helping anyone kill American and allied soldiers or civilians is obviously treason, and the front line troops in a "terrorist war" are not the terrorists but the newspeople and politicians that repeat enemy propaganda. Even when we can't get "American" traitors arrested, prosecuted, and then imprisoned or executed, we should at least call them traitors and treat them accordingly.

BTW, the terrorst war is not a problem for those "journalists" that consider Jews not American or not even human. The terror war is alledgedly a neo-conservative fantacy because most of the victims are Jews, and "leftists" do not count Jews as people. If you do, the death toll is in the tens of thousands and could go into the millions, both in Israel and New York City, if just one terrorist group or state gets operational WMDs. And just in case some of you think that's only the Jews' problem, about 16% of Americans are Israelite or Levite by ancestry. That is why the hard core anti-Jewish terrorist groups seek the destruction of both the modern state of Israel and of the United States of America. The American cowards (often called leftists) who think they can let all Jews die and somehow survive need to consider how terrorist weapons kill indescriminately, and how life will be under Sharia (strict Muslim) law.
Eh, in the early days of Israel, its citizens used Nazi k98s to defend the country. There's something satisfying about using a weapon of a defeated enemy for your own ends.
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