Used Boyd's Rimfire Hunter Stock - Fair Price?


May 8, 2008
Just wondering what you think would be a fair price for the stock alone. Boyd's Rimfire Hunter, with added laser checkering. New would be $245. This is my stock. Looking to get something else.....because I guess I'm never happy and want something new. haha

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That's so tough to gauge these days - that stock only a handful of years ago would have been about half of that price (I bought my son's RH for his Marlin at the end of 2016 for $93!), and of course, used condition of a budget friendly stock, eh, it's always kinda weird, some days we see used Boyd's stocks like that going on Ebay for near-new value, some days we see them going for about 2/3 new price...

How badly do you need to sell it? How quickly do you need the money back out of it? If you have time, I'd put it up for $200 and let it ride.
I have it on a sale sight already for a bit less than that, and will see how it goes. I have my eye on a different design for my metal parts. Thanks for the reply!