used sig 239 price?

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Might check a current issue of a gun value book (can't remember the name of the one nearly everybody uses) - but in general, as I recall, you can knock off at least %10 of the retail price even if you just bought it. More realistically I would expect a good price to be about %15-%20 off, given that 'retail' is seldom what a new gun sells for.
I'm looking to sell mine too, but have been holding on now for a few moths to see what happens. The dealer where I usually sell stuff on consignment said things have come to an abrupt halt as far as gun sales go. He said he's even having troubles selling stuff on Gun Broker for just a coupe of bucks over his cost.

I've been looking there too to get an idea as to what things are going for, and there are a ton of guns that have no bids at all on them, and most that do and sold, didnt go for encouraging numbers. I'm also thinking of selling one of my P229s with a spare barrel, and they have been going for $6-700, and a few of them have been new guns too.

I was hoping to get about $550 for my P239 (DA with night sights), but I'm not betting on it right now. I'm in no real hurry, and I'll keep it rather than sell it for to bad a beating.
$500 to $550 Tops. It is not one of the more desireable P series pistols IMHO. IF you want a quick sale $500 FTF should get it done.
I saw one last week for $425 on GB. 9mm, two mags in excellent condition.
the caliber might decide the price also. 9mm might sell for more and quicker than the 357sig.
Last year I purchased a pre-owned Sig 239 40S&W with 3 mags for $500. Excellent condition but for a minor scratch on the slide. Previous owner was LEO and he took great care of this firearm.
I would say right around $500 is a fair price but it all depends on how fast you want to get rid of it. I paid $427 NIB for mine, that should give you a hint on how long I've had it. :D
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