USPSA questions about my guns and what division

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Nov 28, 2006
somewhere between utah and canada
I don't have a rule book, frankly I haven't even joined the association yet (but I will be). in the mean time, can someone tell me what division the following equipment falls into?
S&W AR15. 30 round mags, scope no other mods
XD9. 16 round mags, no other mods (but want a trigger job)
Saiga 12. 10 round mags, ak configuration, no mods. maybe would like an optic

Also, if one of my guns falls into open, one into production, and one in limited... which category will I be grouped in at a 3 gun match? (I'm assuming open?)

I went to my first 3gun a week ago and they put me in open, I'm assuming because of my shotgun. Just trying to figure out this stuff before my next match.

Your AR is standard, your pistol is production (you can only load 10 rounds into it) your shotgun is open. you should not have been score open in all class just the shotgun.
I just remembered who you are, if your going to join USPSA, you should think about shooting the match in Billings on the 17th. It is a special classifier and gives new shooters and change to get the percentages up.
If it's a USPSA match you have to declare one division for the match. If your shotgun is open you're going to be scored open for each gun. You can download the entire rulebook at .
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