Vortex split fire 3x

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Oct 22, 2010
I would like to put this scope on my colt 6920. It's 350$ are there better scopes like this for the money?
The Vortex Spitfire seems to be a clone of the Burris AR332 and the old Primary Arms 3x compact scope (no longer made/offered) with a different reticle than both.

I have the Primary Arms version and if it is a clone of the same quality, it's a great scope that I have been very pleased with, continue to use and trust.

I ended up getting an American Defense QD Acog mount for it though as the factory mounting does not inspire confidence or allow quick removal by comparison.
Just picked up the spitfire couple days ago, my first 3x scope. Have not taken it to the range yet, but so far the quality of the very fine lined etched 556 reticle is very clear/glass. For now some pics...not the best photographer, heck I'm using my iPad to take the pics
The power pole estimating about 70-80yards away, very fine reticle next to the insulators on the pole
Choice of red/green on reticle,
Here with riser removed for low mounting
Here mounted with the riser.....sits perfect on my tavor where it will stay
Look at Cabelas prism scope it too is made by Burris great scope for money. It has the red and green illumination. I picked one up last weekend with buddies discount and my points for $200 they sell for $300 which is still worth it. I may get another one for Adams piston gun I have on layaway. I put this on a Colt 6920 and with 2 shots had it zeroed 50 yds went to hundred and works great shot little high which is right with 50 yard zero. It responded to command 4 clicks was inch have sighting grid targets. I had a Vortex Sparc on gun my old eyes can't use red dots with no magnification so it is for sale. Hope this helps little
Hello - on the spitfire, after using the horizontal lines to range a 15" wide target, are they also at the appropriate elevation for POA for an "average" 223 round?
Of course I'm a Vortex guy, I have 11 of their products and love them all. I put the Spitfire 3x on my AR 223. Great glass and haven't had to send one back yet.
Ifit- nice rigs man...
As to vortex, I recently got their strikefire 1x and really like it! I also have a vortex viper rifle scope and its just dead nuts awesome! Buy with confidence!
Ifit- nice rigs man...
As to vortex, I recently got their strikefire 1x and really like it! I also have a vortex viper rifle scope and its just dead nuts awesome! Buy with confidence!

I'm in love with Meat eater and rinella swears by vortex. I am getting the Diamondback for my rifled barrel on my shotgun actually.
Doc7, according to manual..."Although this precision reticle has been designed around the popular 5.56 (.223 Remington) cartridge using 55gr bullet and 16" barrel, it can also be used effectively with many other cartridges
Over the last year or so, and probably upward of 15 different Vortex products, including spotting scopes (2) binoculars (2) and I honestly don't know how many rifle scopes, but a little bit of everything. At this point in time I am having to re-evaluate Vortex QC. I just boxed up the third rifle scope yesterday in about 6 months for return. I like what they offer for the money, but I'm just not sure that quality control is as consistent as with Leupold, and other time tested optics.

In more than 3 decades of the above variety of Leupold optics, I have had only 2 problems that weren't my fault, a pair of glasses from about 1980 that started leaking, and their top of the line RX-IV RF. Of course Leupold took care of me on both issues at no charge.

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