W German P220

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Aug 6, 2008
Pacific Northwest
Just recently picked up this German-made P220.

I've never owned a Sig, and no very little about them, but found this one locally for 500 bucks and grabbed it.

The gun was made in 1995 and is in excellent shape. I took it to the range and it ran very well. A very nice shooter.

Since I bought it, I purchased a little parts pack that had new grips screws because it was missing a screw and the other three were scroungy. I also replaced the recoil spring.

I think I'll get an OWB holster for this gun and make it a CCW. I have a real fondness for metal frame full size DA/SA pistols (My current carry is a Beretta 92F). :)


I'm also fortunate enough to own a Sig P220 roll stamped "W. Germany." They're fine fine shooting guns and a neat piece of history.

Yours looks to be in excellent shape.
I bought a West German P220 in 1987 and I still have it. Thousands of rounds later it is still going strong. My winter carry gun is a P220 with the DAK trigger.

The P220 (and 226) are the guns that largely are responsible for the sterling reputation Sig enjoyed here for many years.

$500 for that gun was a steal. Well done.
I have one that I love, it's a sweet shooting gun and everyone that Shoots it loves it. it's never had a hick up at all, only problem I have with it is that I only have one. I traded a XDm for it several years back, was by far the best trade I ever did.

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I've enjoyed mine.
Congrats! I owed 2 220s over the decades. One was my bedside gun for many years. Never had a malfunction. Competed with it for a while too. Had several P226s too.

I sold all of them due primarily to the trigger type (double/single action) and secondarily due to the limited magazine capacities of the 220s. But they were really great guns,
As much as I liked them, I discovered I shot much more effectively with "Tupperware" type guns (XDMs in particular) that have identical trigger strokes every pull.
Had a Browning BDA 45 (rebadged SIG P220), years ago and it was a great pistol. Capable of some truly amazing accuracy (second only to a Colt Gold Cup I had and not by very much), and having very soft recoil. I use to instruct new shooters with first a Ruger Mk.I, then a Star Model B, and if they did alright with those two they finished shooting the BDA. Never a problem with them doing well with it either.
I also recently picked up a West German P220. When I saw it I was reminded of watching the wall come down on TV. It is a neat conversation starter.
$500? The west german ones always seem to be much pricier than that around here. Nice score.
My very first pistol was a 1987 West German P220, which has been a safe queen for years now after many years of being carried. I bought it for $525 in 1992, and it came with 8 magazines, a Bianchi leather holster, 50 rounds of Hydra-Shok (hey, that was good stuff back then), spare Pachmayr grips, and the manual, all in a metal instrument case with a two layers of foam. I remember being in love with the original P-series platform of Sig when I was a new shooter, and this gun will always hold fond memories as my first pistol.
What? A firearm isn't a machine that "runs". Cars run. Electric motors run.

A Sig Sauer P220 (I bought one new in 1987) shoots, and shoots very well.

Guns don't "run". Kapisch?
Glad to hear your P220 "runs" well. You must be using 89-octane gasoline for it to "run" so well.

What? A firearm isn't a machine that "runs". Cars run. Electric motors run.

A Sig Sauer P220 (I bought one new in 1987) shoots, and shoots very well.

Guns don't "run". Kapisch?
Lighten up, Francis. :rolleyes:
Very nice gun. I've owned several P220s and currently have one marked "Germany" and one unfired marked "W. Germany". The German guns don't have the "features" of the newer P220s, but I still prefer the plain old German guns........ymmv
WOW!!! I wish I could score a W. German P220 for that price. Most that I've seen around my neck of the woods in that condition were going for a good bit more than five bills.
Found a LE trade in a few months ago (6 years old) for $475. Sent it to Sig and they put new night sights on it and did the normal 5K maintenance. It's my camp/truck/RV gun now. A better utility 45 acp can't be found anywhere for $500.
Nice find lowercase. I tried and failed to buy a "West German" P220 several times bidding what I thought was a pretty high price, and was outbid every time. I eventually gave up :( Goes to show your local gun shop might occasionally have deals you're not going to find online.
I suspect that SIG, like FN, S&W and other manufacturers, doesn't tend to throw away perfectly good parts. They were just using up already produced slides. Some of the 1995 guns will be marked "Germany", some "W. Germany" and some of the W. Germany slides will have an over stamp to obscure the "W".
I picked up a very nice West German made P220 not too long ago. $500 out the door, with a brand new rug.

Mine is old enough to have the heel clip magazine catch. Thought that was going to be an issue, but it turns out that the ProMag (Sig's OEM magazine vendor) 7-round, no-base pad magazines work just fine.
I've got 220's little cousin, a P6, which I wasn't shooting very often as I didn't like the grips, Pachmayr wrap arounds. I put the original plastic grips back on today and it feels 1,000% better. Will be to the range in the next few days....it may go into my carry rotation if I can shoot it as good as it feels. like I can. (It shot just fine with the Pachs, just not very comfortable...too fat.) I don't shoot .45 any more, so no 220's in my future I'm afraid.
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