Walther PPK and PPK/S

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Mar 18, 2009
I am looking at the Walther PPK and PPK/S. From what I have researched, the actual Walther and the Interarms models are good, but the S&W are not. Is this correct? Have the S&W models had all the bugs worked out of them? Also, I just wanted to be sure, but the PPK is the shorter version and the PPK/S is the longer version (additional round in magainze). Is that correct? What are your general thougts on the Walther PPK and PPK/S? Thanks.
I've owned a total of 5 PP series pistols over the last 30+ years. Three were sold some years back when money got tight. The two I still own are a Manurhin PP in .32 ACP and an Interarms SS PPK/S in .32 ACP. Here is my experience:

Two were .380s. One was an Interarms PPK/S and the other a Manurhin PP. Both were good shooters. Recoil was snappy. Both of these guns would have an occasional hiccup. Usually a failure to eject, maybe once out of every 100 rounds. That was not a real deal breaker ~ but did stay in the back of my mind.
I did buy both of these guns new and the malfunctions all occurred in the first 500 rounds.

The three .32s have been two Manurhin PPs and the Interarms PPK/S. None of my .32s have ever malfunctioned. The round count of the two I currently own is around a couple of thousand. I have shot, Federal Hydra Shoks HP, Federal FMJ, Remington FMJ, Fiocchi FMJ and Prvi Partisan FMJ all with no problems. The Manurhin is my current EDC.

I like the .32 in the PP series for several reasons. Being totally reliable is a big plus. The lighter recoil makes for fast follow up shots. They are extremely accurate. Last, the nine shot (8+1) capability is a pretty respectable package in a small pocket gun.

Some of the S&Ws have had some problems ~ but from what I have read S&W customer service does a pretty good job of addressing issues, maybe a little slow. My experience has been with either Manurhin (French Walthers) or Interarms and has always been positive. You are coorrect in that the PPK is a slightly smaller version of the PP and PPK/S.
I've had a Walther PP, a U.S. made Interarms PPK/s and a German made PPK/S. They have all been fine pistols. However, if I were in the market for one today, I believe I'd go for a new S&W made pistol. They are well made, the prices are reasonable and the gun would have a warranty, some the others do not. Something very appealing about a blued PPK or PPK/S.
I have a S&W PPK/S in .380 that I bought in October of 2010. Problems right out of the box with light primer strikes and extraction problems. 2 months at S&W for a slide replacement and now it runs great. In my opinion, the S&W PPK/S fit and finish is rough for as expensive of a gun as it is. Its a little bulky and heavy and oddly shaped for concealed carry. It only has a 1 year warranty. It is a fun gun to shoot, and it's a cool looking gun. if you are looking for a super reliable super easy to carry gun, you might want to keep looking.
I bought an S&W PPK two months ago, and it digested three different brands of FMJ and JHP right out oif the box. On the plus side, I like the safety/decocker system (though many don't), it's very accurate, and a .380 in a 3-1/2" barrel produces as much ME as a .38spl in a 1-7/8" barrel, and few complain that the snub nosed .38 isn't a good defensive weapon.

On the minus side, it's heavy, recoil is nasty (straight blowback), the and it only holds 6 rounds. I much prefer the .32ACP version all around.
I bought a S&W Walther PPK/s about 2002 and my daughter now has it. It has never failed on us after 3000+ rounds. Also take a look at the Sig Sauer P232 which is more of the Walther PP size pistol and a wonderful gun.
I bought a PPK/S from S&W in August of last year. I have probably put about 1000 rounds through it, and I have yet to experience any problems with the gun itself. It is VERY picky with ammo, however, and certain ammo brands do not feed reliably in my gun. Both Hornady XTP and Remington Golden Saber feed reliably as defensive rounds (I currently carry the GS) and Winchester flat-nose seems the most reliable practice round, along with Sellier & Bellot.
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Have not shot or held a SW PPKS but do have an Interarms PPK/S that has never malfuntioned. I don't find the recoil bad at all. Mine is blue and seems to have a very nice fit and finish. Usually use as Summer carry. I would not hesitate to buy a SW one, they do have good customer service....

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Yes, the PPKs is about 1/4" longer in the butt than the PPK and is easier for most people to shoot. I own two PPKs' and one PPK. The PPK is a German prewar .32. The two PPKs' are a Manurhin .22LR and an Interarms .380. The last two were purchased new in the early 1980s. They are all very reliable and I particularly like the .380 for a carry gun. Recoil is snappy and accuracy surprising.
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