What are your top two handgun powders?

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Vihta Vuori N340 for .38 special 140 and 158 grain Hornady XTP hollow points. Good performace out of my 2" Charter "Undercover" revolver. Win 231 and Bullseye for the 148 grain hollow base wadcutters, with 231 when I run 'em hollow base forward and Bullseye for real target loads.

Hollow base forward tends to keyhole with more than 2.9 grains of 231 out of the 2". Don't have a 4" or 6" .38 revolver to test further.

N340 burns exceptionally clean and there's very little flash out of the 2" revolver. Haven't been able to find any N320 yet for comparison.
if you like BullsEye for cast slugs you will really appreciate Red Dot.
the VV powder (110?) is reputedly the best for cast due to clean burning but I would be surprised if any noticeable cleaner than RD.
but RD is more bulk than BE so not as economical to load with.
I'm an old dog.
I use Bullseye and Unique 2 of my favorites.

2400 and 4759 also have their places in my in my larder.

I still have a limited stocks of both Sharpshooter and Lightning whose data I glean from Phil Sharpe. I suspect no one else around here has these.


AA2 and AA9. #2 meters better than most and is more versatile (and cleaner) than Unique. #9 outperforms 2400, but isn't touchy like 110/296. I meet or exceed Accurate's performance data, unlike Hodgdon (pure fiction) and Alliant (wishful thinking).
HP 38 and Win 231, I am pretty sure they are the same. I only reload 9mm and .45 ACP so HP 38 is all I use for pistols.
The 2 which I use the most are Unique and Power Pistol. I have, and use, others, but those two get the most use.
2 most used powders

Clays and Universal.

I was given a pound of Clays and was hesitant to use it after all I read about pressure spikes and kabooms. I finally tried it with some 180gr LTCFP bullets in 40 S&W and with some 158gr LSWC's in 38 special. It's GOOD stuff.

It's also nice that 3.2 grains works well behind both of these bullets.

All the Best,
D, White
Hercules Unchained

Or whichever company "holds" it now: Bullseye and Unique. There are easily a dozen powders that can do what they do, but after over 40 years of reloading pistols (and some rifles with Unique) from 9mm to 44 mag & 45s, and accumulating (at last count) something over 60 lbs of powder of every sort, the ones I find that I gravitate back to are BE & Unique. They are accurate, consistent, and I never have to consider "working up" a load with them after all these years. I still buy & load the newer powders; I just know that I can rely on these old standards. If you're on a limited budget and need to zero in (fact, no pun, intended) on just a couple, these are center stage.
My 2 cents...
BullsEye is good w/cast slugs - likely one of the best. I switched to Red Dot due to clean burning, more bulk and tighter groups. BE is more economical to load tho for sure by about 15-20% and that means a lot.
I use measures to load I don't know how RD will throw being as it's more bulk than BE.
bullseye, unique-also use lots of: titegroup,red dot, and 2400.

with these powders I can reload .380 acp up to .30-06 and 20 and 12 ga.!
Alliant powders have withstood the test of time - accurate, cheap, and available everywhere!-Accurate titegroup is clean, and all of the above ;)
I'm in tune w/ appalachainamerican; H110 for the .44 & .357. Found no need to go anywhere else for these two.
Longshot for the .40, 9, &.45.

Occasionally Universal for the .40.
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