What CCW gun for my gf?

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The tiny pocket 380s and light weight 38 J frames are a nightmare for a new shooter to learn to shoot well. They just carry conveniently.

She needs to seriously consider her working environment and a change to that, if that is not an option, figure out how she is gonna carry a gun and dress and how quick she could get to it. Then try a bunch of different ones and pick the largest example of one she likes that she can still conceal and draw reasonably quickly.
However, she's never shot a gun before.

I would suggest enrolling her is an NRA Basic Handgun class, then let her choose whatever she likes.

I basically took those steps with my wife... I would have never bought the gun she choose to CCW. (G19)
Take her to the store and let her get a feel for the different models in the case. Be there with her to keep the idiots behind the counter away and stop them from trying to sell her something with pink grips.
I said the best thing is to go to the range and shoot some and see what she likes.
And lots of expended ammo before she starts carrying it.

I had to comment. My g/f just bought a charter arms .38 for herself. (Her 1st gun.)
She doesn't really care for autoloaders and was a pretty decent shot with my S&W. (And she had x-mas money burning a hole in her pocket.)
To echo many of the contributors here, go for training, training, training. Then take her to a dealer with a good reputation that preferably has women sales people. First of all your GF will most likely feel more comfortable taking with aknowledgable woman, andwhether we care to admit it or not, women know women a whole lot more than men do. If she has no experience with guns, probably starting her out with a revolver is the best bet.
"moderators, please make a sticky note about letting people (wives, girlfriends, moms, sisters, daughters) decide for themselves which gun they should get based on what they like, what they can shoot, what they can carry; and not what we think they should....."

Actually this advice is just as bad as choosing a firearm for her yourself as it is based on one or two or both of the following assumptions;

1. She is educated and knowlegable enough about how different types of firearms operate (automatic, semi-automatic, SA semi-auto. DAO auto, DA/SA semi-auto, striker fired semi auto, SA revolver, DAO revolver, DA/SA revolver), the differences within each type of firearm (for example safety features on semi-auto; grip, thumb, trigger, magazine disconnect), the strengths and weaknesses of each type (for example repeat strike ability of the DAO and SA/DA vs. SA and Striker on a round that does not fire the first time). And this is not even touching the differences in calibers and ammunition selection and how the right (or wrong) bullet selection can easily change the effectiveness of the cartridge.

2. The second assumption is the sales clerk that is showing her guns is knowledgable about all firearms and, most importantly, truly understands the physical differences between men and women.

I once asked for advice about selecting a handgun for my wife once on THR and it got ugly pretty fast. My wife has both physical and medical limitations. By physical I mean she lacks the body strength for holding a heavy handgun when shooting and by medical I mean disabilities caused by carpel tunnel. The majority of the posters kept recommending a semi-auto even though she lacks the strength to cycle the action. Then they kept insisting if she just used the right technique she can use a semi-auto. It finally got so ugly I was called a liar by a poster who can not believe a woman can ride a horse, shoot a revolver while riding a horse in Cowboy Mounted Shooting and could successfully fight off a mugger who attacked her in a Wal-Mart parking lot but can’t rack the slide on a semi-auto.

Finding the right handgun for her has been a long 30+ year search that we finally ended in November of 2013. You name she has tried it over the years. She is a very good single action revolver shooter but (remember the part and strengths and weaknesses of a design) but she has concerns about safely decocking it while under stress. She commented that it would be safer to decock just by shooting the offender (got to love those Texas women!)

Last November while shopping in the gun library at Cabelas I spotted a nice Colt Police Positive Special with 4” barrel. While the caliber was wrong (I want a 32-20) I asked to see it. When I handled it I was reminded of it’s smaller size and weight than the S&W K-frame. I called my wife over who was in the other end of the store and when she showed up I handed her the gun and asked her what she thought of it. She checked the gun to make sure it was empty, closed the cylinder, picked a spot on the wall and quickly and smoothly dry fired it twice double action. You have no idea how big of deal this is. This is the first handgun she can easily fire double action. She loves it’s lighter weight and it’s slightly smaller frame and grip is a perfect for her.

While the final decision to buy it was hers we would never have found it if I was not actively involved in the search. In fact she would never have been shown the gun by a Cablela’s salesman at the gun counter on the main floor as this gun was in the Gun Library.

My long winded point is simply this. As THR members we love firearms and have a higher level of knowledge about them then the average person. We also should (well , better!!!) know her physical abilities and, maybe even most importantly, her mental attitude about using deadly force. It is foolish of us not to be actively involved in helping her select a firearm if she wants your advice.
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Just one bit of advice . . . . you can't (and probably shouldn't try) to lead someone in a matter as serious as ccw. That is, they have to want it for themselves and be motivated to investigate further for themselves. It's probably also good for her to look at self defense shooting/awareness websites & resources run by women for women.

As for guns, the Sig P239 is one I can vouch for. I believe I read somewhere that is was used by women federal agents who needed a smaller grip that would better fit their hands. It also has more weight to it than a lot of compact pistols, which makes it easier to shoot well. They are very accurate guns. (Not a pocket carry pistol though). I know several guys who guided their girlfriends or wives toward lightweight J frames - - - they sting the hand when fired and are never shot or even taken out of the box.
For those that asked, she brought having a CCW up and she decided she wanted to go to the class and get her CCW and gun before I even knew her.

We went and she shot today. We rented a SW .38 revolver and had my SW Bodyguard. She did not like the .38 revolver as the trigger was hard for her to pull.

She then shot the SW Bodyguard semi-auto and she really liked it. As she got familiar with it she did a much better job manipulating it, using the slide and other functions. We looked at some other guns and she decided she wants to get a Taurus 738 TCP semi-auto.

Do people on here know about this gun? Is it a good gun?

The most important thing is if she has a fighting spirit.

Can she make the decision to kill that person right now?

Possessing a gun doesn't make anyone safe. Being willing and able to fight with it improves your chances.

The keyword in gunfight isn't gun, its fight.
OK, nobody's said it yet so I will....

What CCW gun for your GF??

Others have said to let her choose.

You could post a picture and see what kind of offers you git.....I know one fella got a duck boat and decoys and a shotgun fer his, or at least that's what he showed up with after she left....
I hate light weight guns...talk about pain....here's what I own and shoot:

Glock 26
Sig 228
Beretta Vertec 92FS
Ruger DAO
S&W 686 4"
Ruger GP100 3"
Colt Detective Special

Had a 442 - twice bought, twice sold. It killed me firing even the lightest loads. Had a S&W 36 but sold it for bills - would buy again. It was a great gun. Guns should be a ladies choice and it should be what they'll actually shoot (and often), not just carry.

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