What gun do you shoot the most?

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Dec 24, 2002
Bakersfield, California
Excluding rimfires, what gun do you shoot the most? Which has the highest round count? Include a description and round count. For me, it's probably my Winchester Model 12, with about 2,000 or so rounds. Before that it was my great-grandfathers, who knows how many times he shot it.
heh. Excluding rimfires.

1) CZ75B
2) Colt and/or Springfield 1911
3) Yugo SKS
This year...
SA 1911 = 2500
G26 = 1800/1900 (but I've only had it a month)

More ammo on the way :D
SigPro in .40....not sure how many rounds so far though.

Its my carry gun, so naturally, its what I spend the most time practicing with.
I enjoy shooting my Kimber Series I Classic Royal the most, that always comes with me to the range. But that usually splits the ammo with the Colt Government.

The gun that has probably seen the most round count would be my Sig P226. That's cuz ammo's cheaper than .45 :D

I cant say how many rounds has gone thru it. Maybe 3000+ or so...

The Colt frame does see the most ammo thru it though. Its constantly switched between the .45 slide and the Marvel .22 kit. I can shoot .22's all day.. :p
In my life time - most ammo fired from S&W Model 10 or 13, followed by Colt Commander !911 and the Browning Hi- Power. In a rifle Ar-15 in a shotgun Remington 870.
My little Glock 26.

I bought it used, so don't know what its total lifetime count is ... but I've put an awful dang lot of rounds through it. Lessee, figuring August-to-August because that's the month I bought it:

First two years was roughly 200 rds per month (sometimes more) so that'd be 2 x 12 x 200 = 4800

Last year was roughly 400 rds per month. 12 x 400 = 4800

This year, I've averaged around 500 or 600 a month out of it. (More since summer started.) Say 550/month. 11 x 550 = 6050

Total round count, give or take a bunch: 15,650

I've replaced various internal parts along the way, and the gun has only failed me once (a broken take down spring, which I'd never replaced and which broke when I was at ~ 10,000 rounds).

Shoot the most, or SHOT the most?

The ones I shoot the most NOW are a toss-up between my 2 main CCWs, a Kimber Ultra CDP in .45, and a Glock 26. Both have probably a little over a thousand rounds through.

SHOT the most would be a custom Colt Mark IV which was being primed for IPSC before a new job and a return to school took all my time away. In those days it was upwards of 500 rounds a week, and this gun has probably thirty to fifty thousand rounds through it.
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