What is the softest recoiling .380?

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It was probably made in the 1970's, and I am guessing Llama changed the design from locked breach to blowback to cut costs.

Llama seems to have always been near bankruptcy in the last half of that century, they also stopped the ball end mill cut at the lower front of the slide, looks funny.
You know you can find the year of most Spanish guns by reading the proofs, Llama usually put theirs just above the trigger on the left side. I'd bet your gun was made in the 80's.
If you google "spanish pistol date codes list", the second hit should be a "Star-Firearms.com" site, with the codes.
The other day I did a head to head target shoot of my PPK/s against one of my Star S models from a rest and was surprised that the Star won, and I always thought the PPK/s was the most accurate.
Not sure as there is a "soft" recoil for a .380. Less "snappy" is probably more the proper feel. At least for me. That being said, the CZ 83 or Walther PPK are the easiest handling for me. And I love my lil' CZ 83.

Very true about the PPK/S! Lordy did that thing recoil...hurt my wrist, even. Kinda explains why I got rid of that. The weight to energy was way out of balance too.

Of the 380's that I own or have owned. they are in order softest to hardest.
1. Taurus PT58HC
2. Colt Govt 380
3. Beretta 84, Bersa Thunder 380 Plus, Walther PK380, CZ82 (9mm Mak) (4 way tie)
4. Ruger LCP
5. SIG 230 (thing bit me) (My hand is too large for this weapon)
Browning BDA/Beretta 84 gets my vote. The first 2 rounds that I shot I stopped and checked the gun both times as I thought I might have a squib load. Much nicer than the Bodyguard .380 that I also have.
Glock has a 380 ACP primarily for Europe, but I have heard of some being in the US. It is a bit large for a 380 and should have a light recoil.

I have a Browning BDA and it does not have much recoil.

Both the Glock 380 and the Browning BDA do not have locking breaches. I think that can make the recoil higher, but the guns are relatively larger.

I also have a Colt Mustang Plus II, in all steel, and it has light recoil and a locking breach.

I think some south of the border countries will have more choice in the 380 ACP, especially in places that forbid military rounds in civilian handguns.
Of those I own/owned, rated worst is the PPK, followed by the LCP, then by the MicroDesertEagle and (my favorite) the Kahr p380. The Kahr is a joy to shoot; it is everything I wanted the other three to be.
Colt Mustang .380. (Sig P238 is a clone of the Colt).

Everyone who shoots it loves it compared to their own .380 pocket gun.

Find someone who owns one, or a range that will let you rent one. You won't be disappointed.
I'd be interested in a comparo from somebody that has both a Browning BDA and a Bersa, as I think they would be comparable. I have shot a Walther PPK and found it rather easy, but it was my only .380 experience, as I simply didn't find a need for the cartridge. Had the P3AT come out before the P32, that might have changed. I did really want a Colt Mustang at one time, but $$$$$$
Old thread, I know, I've been away.

+1 on colt Govt. 380

I have about 15 380s. The bigger, all steel, locked breech pistols all are about the same. The Colt and the Star have a slightly wider grip. I can't tell the difference between them on recoil
I hate the pistol for a number of reasons, but my wife's Walther PK380 is very soft recoiling.
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Not the Kahr P380, felt like the Mafia beat my hand with a hammer.
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Kahr P380. Soft and sweet shooting too.


The above two posts, right next to each other are proof positive that there is no objective answer to these questions. Perception is everything!
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