What is your preferred type of firearm?

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semi auto rifles were my favs and then i turned 21 and i have been a much bigger handguner that a rifleman since then. i love semi auto pistols and to be exact 1911s and poly striker fired handguns.
Depends on the mood of the day...

Some days, I wannabe a "John Wayne" blaze away with the SA 'Cowboy revolvers' and the lever-action rifle.

Some days, I feel like a USGI "dog-face grunt" WWII guy...punching holes in things with the US Rifle Cal .30 M1, and the 1911-A1

Other times, call me Komrade Ivan...the SKS and the M-44 Mosin-Nagant come out to play.

And sometimes, the Cheap Galoot comes out...shooting the .22LR guns.

Love to shoot 'em all...no particular favorite..Even dance the 'Shotgun Bogie' now-n-then.

Once in a while, Mountain Man shows up...brings out the Lyman Trade Rifle...a .50 Flintlock. or Johnny Reb hauls out the "Navy Colt"
A years ago there would have been one simple answer for me. A Smith & Wesson 686, Stainless, 4" barrel.

But in the recent past I feel like we've had an astounding "renaissance" in the art of firearms with some truly incredible products coming out and that has changed my opinion somewhat. LeverEvolution ammo has revived the .30-30, SIG's 229 series brought me fully into the semi-auto world, etc.

Semi-Auto: SIG 229
Revolver: S&W 686 (see above) though I've developed a recent like for the Ruger Security Six.
Rifle: Remington 760 (or 7600 these days) with the good old "thuddy-thuddy" levergun following close behind.
Shotgun: BLECH, I'm not really a shotgunner :neener:
Anything that shoots!

High Power Rifles - Bolts (Rem 700 BDL)
22s - Levers, Semi
Handguns - Revolvers (SA, DA), Semi (1911 style)
Shotgun - Pump (Rem 870)
Black Powder - Muzzles Loaders
My favorite type of firearm is the "Military Surplus" Firearm. I have long said all the best guns in the world have already been built and we will be hard pressed to find anything new that is really better. There is something about shooting them, regardless of the action type, that is much more enjoyable than any fancy new weapon.
If only one gun.

T / C Encore and plenty pistol- and rifle stocks with many pistol and rifle barrels
The oldest, oddest, or most obscure martial rifles I can find. Had a Dateau-Dovitis, got a Johnson, want a Mondragon, need a RSC-1917.
For rifles I am a bolt action man all the way.
Pistol I am a semi-auto (1911) man.
Shotgun I am a semi-auto. I have a model 12 right now but I really want an a391 or a superblack egeal.
on the personal side of life I love my 1911's, all 4 of them, god bless JMB

on the professional side; it is a tie, between the MK-19 or the M2... there's just something about a heavy belt feed machine gun or automatic gernade launcher that just sends 'hell, death and destruction' down range.

one the professional realistic side; I love the M16M41, suppressed and all decked out with 'tacticool' bolt ons... and the selector on "auto" ;)
I favor the m60 machine gun, and then it is downhill from there. The larger or more odd the round it fires, the more I want it. I'll be building a trebuchet in January or February, and a pneumatic brick gun (think tater gun that throws bricks) shortly after that. I saw a ww1 howitzer that I would like to buy but did not due to funds.

Here in the real world, where I am not broke, I'll pick up any firearm that is at a decent price and makes me giggle maniacally.
Antiques/milsurps/curio and relics
I find them interesting, wheras to me MOST modern guns I own are really a just tool for a specific purpose, like HD,SD, or hunting various tasty or nasty critters (except my Redhawk 44 mag, that I got because the price was right, and I just wanted a big, loud revolver for fun).my antiques/c&r's I have for their place in historic events, or as exmples of the progression of gun technology in history, or the different old calibers, etc.
If you mean what to i always come back to and will pretty much always have an example of in my safe... (the exception being that for reasons beyound my control i currently have one:( )

Accurate bolt guns, not sure who exactly it was that said it, possibly Jeff cooper but the phrase "only accurate guns are interesting" about sums it up for me.
Accurate bolt guns, not sure who exactly it was that said it, possibly Jeff cooper but the phrase "only accurate guns are interesting" about sums it up for me.
Pretty sure that was the late, great Col. Townsend Whelen (of .35 Whelen fame).

Gotta say I agree with you. I love an accurate bolt action! Shooting a precise .22 bolt action is a wonderful way to while away a Saturday afternoon. It's funny, though, that an accurate rifle doesn't have to have a large scope on it. I've seen many small groups shot with an aperature sight or a low-power scope.

Dirty Bob
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