What mods do I need to do to my CZ's

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Apr 26, 2004
I have a P-01 and 75 stainless on the way. I love to tinker, so what should I do to it when I actually have them in hand?

Mainspring, recoil spring, mod for drop free mags, different sights, any spare parts to get, etc.....
15# mainsprings and competition hammers are what I hear most, I ordered a comp hammer and a three pack of mainsprings for the 40B I have coming in. Comp hammers cost $58 at ghost.
comp hammer is practically a must with a 15 lb mainspring. wish i knew you were getting what you ordered, NG VI... i can honestly say the 13lb is only 97% reliable igniting primer, sometimes worse. switching to the 15lb fixed that.

someday i plan to make an "ultimate 40b answer thread" just for kicks.
also, if you search the CZ forums, you'll find the at-home trigger job threads. those were the ones that got me started. it immediately got me a better trigger pull. just remember, measure twice, cut once, repeat in small increments. YMMV.
Only things I'd do is make the drop free mag mod and a Wolff extra power extractor spring. Other than those get more mags, a CZ big stick, couple good holsters and ammo lots of ammo. It ain't getting cheaper.
^^^ almost forgot. the $3 extra power extractor spring is a must since it's just $3 anyways. it's fun flinging brass 10 feet to the side and smacking the RO. :D
I decided to shoot mine (an AR 24) until I was shooting well enough that a specific feature of the weapon was preventing me from shootting any better - then I would investigate changing that feature. I am not there yet - my skills are the limiting factor. :)

Different strokes for different folks, but it does seem odd to me when folks start trying to figure out how to modify a weapon that they haven't even shot yet.

I am not trying to be offensive - its something I just don't understand. Most of the googahs people like to put on their weapons remind me of the various wings and spoilers that some folks like to put on the back of their cars - "I'm such a hot driver, I need a couple of hundred pounds of downdraft to keep this baby on the road!".

Maybe I am just an old codger, but I see folks at the range wtih 1911s that could win WW III single handed - and they are shooting big groups at 25 yards. Huh? :)

Mike "Just and Old Codger"
i know what you mean. we get people who show up for our weekly fun shoots for uspsa and they've got fancy schmancy stuff and when they shoot a dozen mikes they cut excuses "oh the sights are new, haven't sighted it in yet" or "this is my first time out with this gun, my others are at home" or my favorite "i'm here every week, what about you". sorry, i just help score and set stages every week. goodbye. :D they make for good entertainment. every hobby has them.
Well I've never considered the trigger to be the best, so that might be some good wok to get done.
I converted to drop free.

The only other mod you need to do is put a few thousands rounds through so they can do a trigger job on themselves. ;)
get a holster and some mag pouches and go shoot some USPSA and IDPA..
get more mags..

I'd say shoot about 500 rounds through each before switching anything..

then if you still gotta tinker and you like switching parts..

This my basic setup for reliability and trigger for a USPSA production legal gun.

CZ comp hammer, Comp front sight or FO front front sight, tactical rear, modify the 13# hammer spring, mod the trigger spring, mod the FP spring, polish the FPB/recut the FPB lifter ( or pull it out all together) , drop free mag brake, bevel the mag well, flat aluminum grips. polish the trigger bar,
polish the underside of the ejector housing , recut the breech face, polish the underside slide rail. recut the ejector and change the recoil spring.

this will get you in the neighborhood of a 5#DA, 1.8#SA and reliable with all primers.

most of this does not have to be done..but if you like to tinker..
comp hammer is practically a must with a 15 lb mainspring. wish i knew you were getting what you ordered, NG VI... i can honestly say the 13lb is only 97% reliable igniting primer, sometimes worse. switching to the 15lb fixed that.

The three pack is all 15# springs, I wouldn't want to go any lighter, but I have a PCR I'd like to lighten up just a little bit. How difficult is it to change mainsprings?
mainsprings - not hard, once you've done it before lol.

i thought you were referring to the calibration pack of 13, 15, and 16...

basically field strip and remove grips, um, then remove the hammer pin so the hammer comes up which makes working the mainspring easier.. then remove the mag brake pin and mag brake, then while pushing down on the plug, you drive out the mainspring pin... before you remove the punch make sure you can control the plug coming out.... then just put in the new mainspring. i think that's everything...
Nah, no calibration pack, I know what I want already, and I've got more than one to add them to.

Sounds good, I am sort of limited in the tools department though, I do have a Glock punch, will that be acceptable or should I pick up something different?
beats me. i went to sears and got their chinese punches for $9. iirc they are 1/32, and 1/16 inch punches that i'm using. whatever fits the hole well, but not too small. too big you bang up the frame, too small and you just tighten the roll pin lol. don't ask me how i know. :banghead: :D :D :D
I added Hogue grips and bent the mainspring so my mags drop free, but that's it. I should send it off for work though.
I've owned over a dozen modern CZ pistols. I've never done anything to any of them, except change the occasional spring or put on some fancy wooden grips. There are enough variants that they ususally already make what I want anyway. (Except for a PCR with a manual safety...)

As others mentioned, shooting a thousand rounds through a 75/85 series pistol is enough of a trigger job for me.
shoot, i just want CZ to bring back the 40b and make a 9mm and 45 version. i like their original 75 frame, but i also am in love with the 40b's frame as well grip and ergo wise with the flat panels.
I'll side with the guys saying shoot your new guns, at least 500 rounds
each. 1) it will expose any issue - probably none, but you'll also
familiarize yourself with the weapons, and 2) when you know you want something different/omproved then go for it.

I've put 715 rds through my 75B - I was getting so used to the
SA trigger pull, it took getting my 1911 back to know I want the
trigger job/15 lb mainspring and probably the hammer replacment from
Ghost as well as the drop free mag part.

Question: Does any aftermarket or CZ(?) offer a better shaped
Thumb Safety? I'd like one elongated like a stock 1911 - The BHP
had a similiar shape Thumb Safety as the CZ 75B - Cylinder & SLide
makes an improved one.

PCR with the safety and decocker would make me happy but I wonder if that is to many levers to mess with. Anyway, my PCR has only had trijicon nite sights added to made it almost perfect for me.

I have tinkered with the idea of polishing up the insides but as of now have not tried.
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