What should I buy next?

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Feb 4, 2014
Hey everyone! New to posting, but familiar with THR as I usually sniff around here for answers.

I am looking to get a new gun and I don't know what to do.
Here is what I have:
Sig Mosquito threaded
H&R revolver .22
Savage Mark II .22
(2) Old semi-auto tube-fed .22 rifles, 1 threaded (name escapes me)
Remington 41P single shot .22 rifle threaded
S&W M&P15-22 threaded
Beretta 950 .25 (alternate carry gun)
Nagant m1895 7.62n
Star 1911? 9mm
Sig P229 Elite Dark 9mm threaded
Sig P938 SAS 9mm (primary carry gun)
Ruger Security Six .357
Mossberg 500 (old with pachmayr grips, home defense gun)
Remington 11-87

Suppressors for .22 and 9mm

I have a 1911 in .45 on the way.
I notice as I write this that I am missing a long(longer than SKS) platform. Maybe something in .308?
Or do I go with a bolt action in 7.62x39 to utilize the countless thousands of rounds I have for that? Will that be any longer than my SKS? Or maybe that awesome looking Sig 556R? But I don't know if that is 'enough' different than my SKS.
Maybe a .308 platform like an AR10, I know they can be as accurate as a bolt action if set up properly, the difference in accuracy would probably only be limited by my abilities.

I am trying to avoid a straight up AR15 platform as I feel like I already have a viable 'battle carbine' with the SKS.

So what am I missing? Budget is $1200-1500.
I am not looking to hunt or compete, just round things out in the safe and have fun at the range and mountain house.
What do you think? Sorry for the long note.
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I would certainly go with a .308 or something in that area and with the budget you have you could get a real nice .308 setup. I personally am saving up for a Savage model 10 FCP McMillan... I have heard that these are really great shooting weapons.
Well you have a pretty decent collection going there and have most of your bases covered, especially with .22s and 9mm.s. You say you have an abundance of 7.62x39 ammo so maybe something of the AK variety? Other than that, if you want to get into other calibers along with a lot of versatility, I would think an AR platform would be a good place to start.
I wanted a long range rifle when I had a collection similar to yours. A .223 can be cheaper to shoot than a .308 and you can shoot a lot more rounds if you're old and beat down like me. But a good .308 will be a nice weapon. You get more range and more power if you think you'd ever want to do any hunting. A .223 is good for varmints and target shooting and really not much more. Some people hunt deer with them but I wouldn't. I have a 30.06 and a .223. I shoot the .223 far more than I ever did the 30.06 although I shot it a good bit when I first got it.

I'm very partial to Savage rifles myself. You get a good rifle at a good price and most of them are very accurate. Which one you get depends on what you want to do with it.
1. Varmint gun be it a bolt action or AR based semi auto.

2. Long range mid caliber.

3. 375 H&H.

1, 2, or 3? Your choice.
Do you reload? If not, there's your answer. Least it would be for me. You could feed the ones you have.

I see a lot of guys that have numerous guns then complain that they can't afford ammo. If you wanna get real wild and crazy, get some casting equipment and make bullets. We are using scrap lead and loading .40's for maybe $1.50-$2 per 50 rounds.
1) mosin nagant rifle.
2) .30.30 lever action.
3) savage bolt rifle in varmint caliber (.22-250 etc.)

for 1200-1500 you could get all three.
You ask others what YOU want/need?

Why is that the case? Why would you give a hoot what others want to spend your time and money upon?
A 22 centerfire bolt with decent optics. actually any caliber centerfire bolt with decent optics. Something that you can hit small targets with at long range is way underrated in my opinion. Plus a 30/30 lever, just 'cause
An AK47 and ammo for me!
Oh, wait... That wasn't on the list:D

From your list an AR10 of some sort would be great. And you are correct that some are just as accurate as bolt guns. Whatever your next purchase, leave enough $$$ for ammo and optics. You can't aim or shoot without them!
No collection is complete without a standard AR-15, "America's Rifle." It's in no way comparable to your SKS.
^^^ an SKS is a decent battle rifle...if you don't have anything else newer than a lever action 30-30.

An AR is an entity unto itself, being extremely versatile.

I vote AR in .223/.556. Second choice is a bolt action in .308
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