What's the biggest handgun you've carried IWB?

Monster Zero

Mar 4, 2008
What's the biggest revolver and/or autoloader that you've a) carried iwb comfortably and b) carried iwb, period.

Without being "made"...
I sometimes carried an HK USPf9 IWB back in the day. I was thinner then and pretty much dressed around the gun but to be fair I'm pretty much a baggy clothes gun anyway, certainly no fashion plate.
Way, way back when I was young and poor I carried my old flat top .44 with it's 7.5 bbl Mexican style..........for sure not the most comfortable arrangement but it worked. Kept the piece in place by opening the loading gate & sometimes cobbled up a string holster.
IMG_0444.jpeg This Springfield XDM 3.8 9mm is the biggest I have . It has been in my Carry Rotation for Two years. Loaded it weighs around 2LBS.
1911s. 5 of them, all at once. On an FTX when the officers in the HHD decided they didn't want to carry them when we got to the field. I didn't have a place to secure them because I was told I didn't need to bring any of the lockups with. I rigged up "CIA" holsters out of 550 cord a wore one AWIB, (I was thin enough then) one at 3:30, two SOB at 5 and 7, and one at 8:30.
Full size 1911, when it was all I owned and I was young and ignorant. Also was forced to conceal a standard M9 pistol due to it being my issued pistol at the time.
A.) The largest I carry comfortably is a S&W M&P 9mm Compact, with 4" barrel. That is my EDC in the colder months when I can wear a jacket.

B.) A Ruger Redhawk 44 Mag with 5.5" barrel is the largest I ever tried IWB. I soon realized a shoulder holster is the proper rig for something that large, the IWB holster was not kept for long.
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I'm an OWB only guy, but both of my sons, 46 & 51 years old, carry IWB and both have toted 5" bbl'd, Colt Gov't Model 1911's, IWB, with no problems.

Personally, I have two objections to IWB. One is that IMHO, it's difficult to reholster without covering some part of my anatomy. Both sons claim, in their use this is not so...but family videos show otherwise. The 2nd gripe is that it requires trousers that are a size larger to accommodate the gun/holster bulk.

Both are deal breakers for me...but YMMv...good luck and don't shoot yourself in the leg. Rod
As someone above already mentioned, I have carried a Wilder, but only a .45 Win Mag., in my waistband. It wasn't very far, only about 100 yards out to the put up a new target because I was afraid someone would start playing with it if I left it on the bench. It seemed like the only alternative at the time, but it wasn't a good idea -- nearly lost my pants several times and the "range officer" had a few choice words for me when I got back to the bench.