Whats your favorite reloading gadget Bought or made

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RCBS Chargemaster and "World's Finest Trimmer" in .30-06. Makes reloading for the Garand a snap. Will be buying one in .223 very soon to make reloading for the AR and equal snap.
I got a "Worlds Finest Trimmer" for 223 this christmas. It has become my favorite way to trim 223 brass. The trim length varies a little, but I can live with it.
Found a basket used for raffle tickets that could be used to separate the crushed walnut shells from the cases after vibratory tumbling. 10k+ reloads later it's still going strong. The built-in paddles work well to flip the cases over:
My girlfriend letting me put the reloading bench in the house so she doesn't lose me for hours on end in the garage, 4' wide, 2' deep that I built, not pretty but she lets me keep it in there! And she supports my habit by buying me stuff!
My mind. I read handloading and casting articles and books daily. You can never get too much knowledge.
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I made a series of "Go-No-Go" case length gauges for measuring whether I need to trim cases. The gauges are cartridge specific.

Works like a set of calipers without the worry of damaging the calipers if dropped. Measuring goes quick.

See pix here...


Hey! I like that idea!

Once I get my reloading set up finally started, I think I'll start making a few of my own.

By the way...people have made a nice chunk from simpler things...perhaps you ought to look into production and marketing. It's such an obviously handy reloading tool, and people would be happy to pay a nominal price to get one by UPS in a couple days rather than carefully machine one of their own.

I used my media separator tonight. Every time it makes me think how effective it is for being so simple. How it gets all the media out of bottleneck cases is one of my simple pleasures of reloading.
My Atlas V-42 lathe, for everything from makeing my own muzzle breaks too triming brass , and "GO" "NO-GO" gauges ect ect ,:)
My simplest favorite reloading gadget I made. Using a fluorescent lighting eggcrate from Home Depot, dikes to cut it and Styrofoam plastic sheet from the hobby store glued to the bottom with liquid model airplane cement.


Holds way more cases than the commercial or even homemade wood variety.
One sheet makes a bunch. They don't look half bad either.
Toss up between my bullet caster




Or the computer controlled 1050.

This one is a video, click photo to play.
i think you need to start a new thread with much more detail on thoese two. there is no other words to say then just bad a**
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