What's your "never buy" gun?

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Berreta Neos,would not purchase because it just doesn't suit my taste.I guess the 20% of the people in the revolver section that said they carry a Taurus daily will be in a world of trouble if they ever have to use it:rolleyes:
Any 1911, I'm done with them, totally. Can't trust them with my life.
Any plastic gun, I don't understand the appeal of them at all. :barf: Most of them are very ugly, and the ones that aren't are nearly copies of the steel/Alum framed versions, so what's the point?
Any striker gun. Any I 've had have been turkeys.
Desert Eagle, too much money for too little fun. I will have a full size Baby Eagle someday though.

Any pink, green, orange, or other weirdly colored gun, that includes OD, "earth", etc. A gun should be black/blued/silver/grey.
I'll never buy another Kahr. The lack of reliability of the MK9 I owned has soured me forever. I am also surprised with the amount of posters that aren't drinking the GLOCK Kool-Aid. It's a good firearm but I don't like the ergos either.
there is a LOT of hate for particular firearms or brands here. if i didnt know better, i would think this was an "anti" site!
personally, i dont think i have ANY, NEVER BUY guns. you never know what life will throw your way, and you may have to eat crow and swallow your pride if you shoot your mouth off to much. there are some guns that i think are but ugly or peices of junk. but when push comes to shooting, you may just have to buy something you dont particularly like to get the job done. that does not mean you have to be joined at the hip for life, but, if you need to shoot, and the only thing available is xxx model of yyy brand, IMO, it would be better than going home with nothing.
I also avoid 1911s. Just a personal preference as I could never get the hang of decocking one and the grip safety (although the one on my Lemon Squeezer is not a problem).

This comment leaves me confused. Why would you ever need to decock a 1911? I've had one for years and have never needed to decock it.
I refuse to hate on a gun because of its price... however high or low it may be.
My carry pistols are...
Smith & Wesson N frame revolver... Model 21 Thunder Ranch .44 Special... GREAT finish, buttery smooth action, powerful, accurate.
Rock Island Arms 1911 Match in .45 ACP. Parkerized finish, tight, accurate, dependable.
My wife has a Taurus as one of her carry guns, a M445 .44 special 2" 5 shooter. The thing surprised the hell out of me with how it shoots. SA is great, DA is a little stiffer than I like but still smooth. But the kicker is its accuracy. For a competition shooter it is no great shakes... but it will pop a milk jug at 40 yards.

Maybe we got one of the rare good Taurii... but I doubt it.
Most of the people I know with them have good to say and recommend them.
I just refuse to buy or use guns that I have repeated bad experiences with... or know personally people who have had repeated bad experiences.
ALL mfgrs produce lemons... but it is the ones who make constant runs of garbage and/or cant/wont fix them that I wont buy... or at least buy that model.

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