What's your rarest gun?

I suppose most wouldn't consider them rare or collectable, but I have a pair of Star BM that have the intact Civil Guard service crest where as I understand the crests were supposed to be drilled off.
Interestingly although the two were produced three years apart as near as I can tell, the import SN#s from C.A.I differ by only 7 digits so I figure they came in the same shipment/crate. I purchased them at separate estate sales about two years apart.

Here's one

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While it isn't mine, for something a bit more unusual, a family member has this Savage 99 takedown in 22 hi-power that somehow acquired a set of British proof marks upside down relative to the Savage stamping.

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Reads View attachment 1212496 on the barrel as far as I can tell.
Does the family member shoot the Savage HP? I'm in the process of forming 30-30 brass, casting and reloading for a family member's HP. It's been a work in progress for a couple months. I do have a box of S&B 5.6 x 52. Shot a couple to try out. I also found a box of same 19 once fired and one live round at a local thrift shop. I'm going to do a chamber cast on it. Don't think I have the correct NOE sizer for the bore.
Does the family member shoot the Savage HP? I'm in the process of forming 30-30 brass, casting and reloading for a family member's HP. It's been a work in progress for a couple months. I do have a box of S&B 5.6 x 52. Shot a couple to try out. I also found a box of same 19 once fired and one live round at a local thrift shop. I'm going to do a chamber cast on it. Don't think I have the correct NOE sizer for the bore.
As far as I know, it hasn't been fired in my lifetime, although we recently had a smith check it over.
I've acquired a few boxes of the S&B ammo for it over the years if we ever get around to trying it out, and they have a couple of boxes of antique Rem UMC 22-HP hollowpoints that I don't think I'd try to fire.
I really don't know anything about reloading for it unfortunately.
I guess this is my best one. It will not letter according to the Colt Archives. The revolver has been mine for some time. It came to me with a terrible cold blue finish so I had it refinished. Likely the barrel and cylinder have been changed too. I still like it, and it is extremely accurate.


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Probably my rarest gun, is a Savage 99 in 303 Sav which was made in 1903. My dad bought it after WWII. In the early '60s he got tired of hauling the long barrel around so he cut down barrel, made a new stock, mounted a 2.5X Weaver scope on it. The model isn't particularly rare but it's the only one of it's kind. He hunted with it forever. I got it when he passed and still hunt with it to harvest meat. 303 Sav was Savage's answer to the Win 30-30. They are very close ballistically.

A doe taken last fall at about 78 yards. Not bad for a 121 year old rifle with a 60's era scope.

Another unusual rifle was the IMI Timberwolf. Made in Israel it is a pump/slide action rifle chambered in 357 & 44 mag. Less than 1,000 were imported into the US because ATF ruled that it could be fired without the stock, it was a quick takedown rifle. I picked one up from a friend who thought it was cool, but never shot it. I was looking for a lever action in 357 at the time and he had lost interest in it. I traded him a couple H&R single shot shotguns which he was collecting at the time.

Take down knob

I'm right there with you. I have two(2) of these, both in .357M.
1. Colt Navy black powder revolver with US stamped on the receiver which means it was US issue. Maybe US Cavalry!
2. Spencer Repeater in excellent condition.
3. Two M1 Garands that look unfired. They were Greek returns from the CMP. Beautiful!
4. I love my Rock-Ola M1 Carbine the most... I just love that a Juke Box company made a carbine for World War 2.
5. I once had a UN-QUALITY M1 carbine....alas....I was foolish.....
Rare guns. Hmmm. I do not know if anything that I own is particularly rare. Uncommon maybe.
Left to right……three Bulldog pistols in .38 S&W and .32 S&W (iirc). The one in the middle is from Forehand and Wadsworth. The others are Belgian knockoffs of the Webley. The underhammer is a .50 cal Hopkins and Allen boot pistol from Numrich Arms The third is sporterized Martini Cadet in .310 Cadet. The last one is a baby Bulldog in .32 Colt.


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An interesting shotgun I picked up a few years ago was a Stevens 520 pump gun.

Originally designed by John Browning in 1903, patented in 1906 & 07 it was sold to Stevens and introduced in 1909 as the Model 520. It was all steel, 5 shot, and featured a unique take down barrel/tube magazine. It was known for it's double hump design, similar to the Browning Auto 5 shotgun and Remington Model 8 rifle also designed by Browning. The double hump version was made until 1939. It was devoid of a disconnector and thus able to be slam fired. Variations of it were made until 1955.

Mine was made in 1915. Still runs like a top. It is fun to slam fire. I bought it for $100 and was originally going to cut the barrel down. Then I started researching it and decided not to ruin it. Being all steel it is heavy but I have enough self defense shotguns not to mess with this one.

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While this one isn't as old as some here, its a very hard to find gun and one of my favorite's in my collection.
AMT Automag III in 30 carbine.
I’ll post another one. In their day these weren’t rare by any means. But their day was over 200 years ago. You can still find them if you look. These were made by one of the Ketland Companies up until 1816. But I think this one made by Ketland and Company was made in England for the domestic market there sometime in the 1790s. If you think it’s hard researching a company from 100 years ago, try to do it for a company from 200 years ago.

Ketland & Co. Queen Ann pistol. IMG_6424.jpeg IMG_6426.jpeg IMG_6427.jpeg IMG_6428.jpeg IMG_6429.jpeg
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I have a Krico which I think is a model 600. It was originally in 22-250 and pretty well abused. I rebarreled to 22 Br and refinished the stock. You don’t see many of those around these parts!
Here are a couple of mine: A TDE "North Hollywood" .44 Automag. Of the original 9000 (approx) pistols made, TDE North Hollywood production counts for about 2500 (again, approx). Even rarer is this "America Remembers" General George Patton commemorative revolver in .45 Colt, made by Uberti. There were only 500 of these produced.
Don't you mean Auto Mag, not Automag?
Probably a Colt Double Eagle Commander duotone in 10mm and 40S&W. Never seen another.

Next might be the S&W 1086 - 1,660 made. The S&W 1046 production number was only 151 so obviously hen's tooth rare...
I am not much of a firearms collector but rather a shooter who accumulated too many guns over many decades. I have a S&W 19-3 RS, one of the very few of an overrun of the Raymond Sassia contract of 500 guns. Next would probably be an HK P7 that was used by the Bundeswehr's elite VIP guards.

I had at one time a H&R USRA model .22 single shot, of which about 3300 were produced. It lives in a good home with another member now.😊
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Rarest now, aside from unique home builds, would probably be this guy-
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Remington Model 51, around 65.000 produced up to 1928, but seldom seen today.

I've got a .308 Navy Garand waiting for pickup at the LGS, only about 30K conversions and barrelled receivers produced.

I would have kept that USRA. Far more conventional and just as good as the Straightline S&W I sold.

sw straightline.jpg
Production guns:
This is my first months production Dan Wesson 445 Super Mag, that was made for the 30-40 kraig brass rim to headspace on.

This is one of 73 Dokata Sport Guns made, in total. This particular gun is a Dakota Sport Grade III engraved gun, with 32" barrels, one of about a dozen Grade III guns made for Dakota by Zoli to Dakota specifications for bore and over bore specifcations

I don't have anything thats too rare and shoot them all as I get the time. Three Auto Mags, one in 44 AMP and a newer one in 30 Carbine and a 4 inch barreled Auto Mag ll in 22 Mag. For rifles a Stevens 44 1/2 in 25-20 single shot.