When chimpanzees attack.

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A quality .45 and mozambique away! Once again people need to get over their little ferngully delusions and remember that these are animals.
Does it occur to anyone that the shelter bears the brunt of the responsibility for allowing the two attacking chimps to escape?

And for the chimps to bite and tear off everything they did, it must have taken at least a few moments for the shooter to arrive and dispatch the creatures.

Sure they're liable. But what is just compensation for loss of ones testicles? or eyes, foot, etc
Lol! New here, hi there. Amazing what place you find with a search engine of 'monkey attack', lol.

Anyways, lots of great gun info here. One question I have to ask is: everyone here seems like a competent self-motivated and all that stuff individual, but they decide who's fault it is that the guy got his ass kicked. This is wierd, because these legal technicalities aren't really, umm, befitting stand-up guys.

It's between the monkey and the man. Or are they both apes? Anyway I don't want to sound silly, because this is real, it's the guy's fault. I know that sounds mean and harsh, I'm 'blaming the victim', but it was a fight and he lost. This is real life, laws are ink on paper, maybe you could hit the monkey with a book but other than that they have no use when you are fighting for your life!

Maybe I'm totally wrong, but I think people here are tough enough to take responsibility for their actions. It's a brutal truth, it hurts, it's funner to blame other people when ???? happens, but that doesn't help you - well ok it helps you feel beter, but it only helps victims. Lol I hate to start a first post on this note, I don't want to piss any grannys off, but if any of us ever get attacked by a monkey we had better realize there ain't no right or wrong besides what works or don't!

Cool forum btw.
St. James and LaDonna Davis were at the Animal Haven Ranch in Caliente to celebrate the birthday of Moe, a 39-year-old chimpanzee

CELEBRATE THE BIRTHDAY OF A CHIMP?!?! You have got to be kidding me. Anyone that stupid probably needed to get attacked. To the male chimps, a big male human is a very direct threat. It's pretty much like that commercial where the guy wears a lion's head and approaches them while growling. Only with chimps, you don't need to wear an animal head. You already look close enough to them to justify having your eyes torn out and generative organs bitten off.

I think they let Moe watch too much of the Robert Blake trial, Cops, and the Sopranos. Moe then put the "hit" out on his ex-keepers. That'll teach them to fool with mother nature! :eek:
What is the best defense load for angry chimps?
-Something that goes in one side and blows a big hole out the other: an "average" 120-lb chimp can easily deadlift 750+ lbs.


However an aunt who has traveled Africa once said that chips are extremely afraid of unfamiliar objects, especially shiny objects. What you are supposed to do is "fan" the chimps with it--you don't need to hit them, and you don't throw the object, because then they will run around it and jump on you....
Never having need of the procedure, I have no idea if this works or not.
Perhaps an African poster can comment.

Chimps are carnivorous or I should say omnivorous - they eat meat. I think all primates are. I'm sure a THR member will probably find an exception to that though.

You and I are meat where they come from.

And, in case you don't know. A lot of times when a lone person dies in their house with their pet dogs, they become a piece of meat as far as the dogs are concerned. I'm not sure if that holds true for cats, chances are, it does.

another side note-

from a vegetarian:

"Why do people kill and eat fish? It's just not right."

Me: "Um, fish are carnivorous."

Vege: "They ARE?!?!"


Me: "They would kill you and eat you without a second thought."

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Good God, is the 'fanning' story still making it's way about?

We were in Nigeria in the late 60's and 70's and there was a Peace Corp encampment down the road a bit.

At the time, in Nigeria, if you wanted power, you ran a generator. Most generators were out behind your bungalow on a concrete pad with a corrugated tin roof, but no walls.

One night a couple of male chimps decided to go see what they could eat, steal, or tear loose from the generator shed at the Peace Corp compound.

One Peacenik goes out to see what the ruckuss is, and sees two cute, fluffy widdle chimps being mischievous in the shed, so he decides to shoo them off by fanning his flashlight at them, just like the briefings told him to do.

Heh. Chimps got agitated, hair puffed up, throwing grass and bouncing all over the place and the Peacenik keeps shooing at them until the alpha male reached out, snatched up a jerry-can brim-full of petrol and fast-pitches it at the Peacenik.

Knocked him arse over tincups. Then both chimps rushed up and started using him for a weed-whacker.

Dad got there and nailed the big one with a 9.3X74R, but missed number two as he hauled tail for the tree-line. Fast bastards.

Anyhoo, Dad let us watch them scrape up what was left of the Peacenik, and that put the kibosh to any idea I might have had about the effectiveness of 'fanning' stuff at chimps.

IIRC there are just a very few apes that are vegetarians, gorilla and orangutan are....There is going to be a tv program this week about chimps -and it's not about the sweet lovable bozo either !!
Darwin Wins Again!

This is pretty hard core but based on an interview with the guy's wife I listened to on the radio yesterday he got what he deserved.

The wife said that her husband saved her life. She also said and this is a direct quote: "he didn't fight - he reasoned with them all thru it".

The guy's getting his faced ripped off, his nuts torn from his body and his foot chewed off and he's


Sorry but that guy is food - pure and simple. IMO he absolutely deserved what he got.
Thats because we see anthropomorphized critters in Disney movies from the craddle. Lots of folks can't believe that critters aren't just likeus. Don't believe me? Let's go 20 miles up the road from my home to Yellowstone. Each year bison stomp mud holes in tourists who think that sticking a camera in the yap of a beast that weighs as much as a small car is a good idea.
Isn't there something wrong with this ?
I'm with you on that one: not too many people understand the difference between an ape and a monkey.

an "average" 120-lb chimp can easily deadlift 750+ lbs.
Yeah, but a silverback mountain gorilla can lift something like 4-6000 lbs. Fortunately, they aren't as nasty as chimps. Except for that ornery band in "Congo".
Back in 1967 the first job I had after graduate school was running a primate research lab in a private non-profit research institute associated with Johns Hopkins. We had appprox. 65 Rhesus monkeys and 11 full-sized chimps. We also had a tranquilizer gun that was are only means of putting down the chimps if we needed to move them or do a procedure. Essentially we viewed the chimps as being as dangerous as a big cat. One minute a chimp can be quietly sitting, grooming itself and in 1 second change mood, screaming, shaking its cage and jumping up and down. Every once and a while we'd play tug of war using a broom handle. Ever play tug of war with a truck? When we phased out the chimps we sold two to researchers at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia with the warning that one,"Max" was very dangerous(was known to attempt to grab and had killed a monkey that had gotten loose). A short time later I got a call from Thomas Jefferson, some poor tech had gotten careless and Max had done a 90 percenter on him, he was in intensive care.

There are lots of stories of zoo and circus chimps doing in people even though they had no history of problems over the years. They are totally unpredictable and too damn strong to be trusted.
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