Where can I look for primers?

2018/2019 you could p/u LPs just about anywhere for around 36$ a brick of 1k. 2020 and after you can't find anywhere.
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Norma currently has spp in stock.

Last primers I bought online were from Republic Ammo. I received them in about a week.

At 5000 quantity, brings cost down to $47.50/1000. 👍

Norma currently has spp in stock.

With free shipping on $150+ orders, $50/1000 is a great price.👍
I think Sportsmans must be experimenting with raised prices. Their prices for powder, bullets, loaded ammo and more are considerably far off base compared to Cabelas and Scheels in the same city. Somebody has to try the price rise first. Hopefully, they find the market doesn't support it now.
The Omaha Cabela’s/ BassPro certainly didn’t take long to get with the program on powder prices…..What IMR’s they had were $74.99/lb……..WST was $55ish….
The big LGS I frequently mention keeps the prices to what profit they want from the recent buy they made…prices won’t go up ‘til they put the newest batch out….
I don’t necessarily agree. I picked these up just the other day:
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Washington prices vs California prices.
Florida prices are higher with less availability, depending on the region.
It’s always been like that. The speed at which gossip travels is now so short that it’s easier to confuse local price and availability with nationwide prices and availability.
At the Bass Pro in a major city near me primers are right on the shelf next to powder. A little surprising these days.
The fishing section is three times the size of the hunting section. The boating area is about the same size as the fishing area but the 4-wheelers are confined to the entryway area.
I think they would prefer to close down the gun counter completely and concentrate on selling boats and lures.
I keep telling people things are not like where they are everywhere. The big chains are not consistent.
I keep telling people things are not like where they are everywhere. The big chains are not consistent.
No, they aren't. Cabela's in Charleston, WV, is very different from Bass Pro in Morgantown, WV. They are separated by about 170 miles. I saw the same thing when I worked at Lowes in Gainesville, VA. Stores separated by 40 miles or less stocked different items, so items available at one store might not be available at a store 10~20 miles away.

I believe it has to do with what the local market wants and needs, and prices reflect what the local market is willing to pay. I could buy hay bales at a country located chain store, but that would never sell at the same store in a city location.

To the OP's original question: Look online or at local stores, chain or "Mom and Pop" locations. Besides LRP they're pretty much available now, even LRP can be found IF you're willing to pay the price. The real question is how much are you willing to pay?

I’ve got 1000 rounds+ of once fired 38 brass and I’ve got 250 44 specials on the way.
Even at $130/1K for primers, it's still worth it for those two calibers. 9mm, not so much. You can use a cost calculator to figure out cost per round, or box, or thousand, and compare that to the price of factory ammo to see your savings. Just remember to compare like for like, don't try to compare your JHP rounds to FMJ blammo ammo.

Here's a link to Dillon's calculator, other's are available as well.

I don’t necessarily agree. I picked these up just the other day:
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$29.99/50 for Federal fmj 9mm have been been on their shelves for weeks, I just saw those same boxes Tuesday when I sent in to start the wait on a Ruger target 19/22 I ordered. No .22 ammo on the shelf under $70 for a brick of 500, either. 😞

I’ve been in a few SW stores over the years. In Fresno, Ca the prices were better than Turners Outdoorsman, a Ca chain of gun-fishing shops.. Carson City, Nv was the same.

Flagstaff,Az was ok, but the SW in Corona, Ca is several bucks a box higher ammo-wise than the Turners in Corona, Ca.. Gun powder is 3/5 bucks higher a pound and primers are $1-2 bucks higher per 100, too. Temecula-Murrietta, Ca and Victorville, Ca is the same, with the local Turners beating local SW pricing.

Now SW does have a price match that is good. I asked and they dropped $35 bucks off their price for a Burris 4.5x16 scope because Wal Mart .com sold them for that much less. :thumbup:

(CAL Ranch ammo prices have been better than both stores. Just no CAL Ranch are located anywhere near me 😩)

As usual, your local store may be lower. But the three SW stores closest to me are not.

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