Where is the mid-sized M&P?!

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Jan 8, 2010
Where is the mid-sized M&P 9mm?!

I mean... I would love to try an M&P but the full size is a little too big and the compact is a little too small.

Why no direct competitor to the Glock 19? It's not like that balance of size/firepower hasn't been wildly successful for Glock.

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A M&P 9 splitting the difference in size between the compact and full size, holding 14 or 15 rounds in the magazine, would be a very appealing gun. I've made similar remarks myself.
the compacts are about the size of the g19. the 45 compact being the closest in size.

s&w didn't diversify the m&p sizes properly. the midsize models only differ from the full size in that they have a slightly shorter barrel. the midsize one's would be more popular if they shortened the grip length too.

the compacts are the best size to capacity ratio, IMHO. (plus they lack that ridiculous foot long grip tang :eek:)
Yes... an M&P 9mm the same size as the 45c with a 14 - 15 rd. capacity is exactly what I would want to see.

I think they would have had a lot of G19 owners/potential buyers looking really hard because of the ergonomics.
I bought a fullsize and compact M&P and sold them both for that very reason. The fullsize was too big, compact too small. The compact might have been a keeper if the back of the grip where the same length as the front. Im not a fan of guns that dont come in contact with the entire palm of my hand.
Full Metal Jacket said:
the compacts are about the size of the g19
I've had both (still have the G19), and the MPC is definitely smaller. With the flat base magazine in the gun, my little finger has to wrap around the bottom. It splits the difference between a G19 and G26 in height and length, and the slide is actually wider than either.

the mp40c & mp9c are smaller than the glock 19, with the slides being wider. the mp45c is slightly bigger, but is the closest in size.

i've owned them all.

my original post was just a rough comparison :)
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