Where you hunt pictures!

We have about 80 acres of family land to hunt on.

This spot accounted for 3 deer last year, one crossbow, one modern rifle, one black powder.


Another spot where I took a doe last Friday with the crossbow.
I'm standing where she was hit, looking back to the larger tree I was sitting at the base of. Distance was just a bit under 25yards.


This next picture is the same spot looking toward where she was standing, just in front of the tree with the forked trunk
I had to wait until she came out from behind the brush on the left.

This is a 180* cellphone panorama from my main ladder stand so its distorted, but gives you the idea of the woods where I do most of my bow hunting.


I hunted there last night for the first time. There's a grove of red oaks behind me that are dropping acorns and I was hoping that some deer would come in to eat, and 2 does did. I don't think they ever winded me and they were pretty close. I could hear them crunching acorns. I have a doe tag but it's too early in the season for me to shoot one. Also saw a family or racoons (probably the same ones that ate most of my sweet corn). I thought about trying to shoot one but didn't want to waste a broadhead. Jumped 7 more doe as I stepped out of the woods on my way back to the house.
overlook.JPG This is where I use to hunt. Don't get there much anymore, it's to rugged for my bad knees and my age.

I'm not as agile any more and as you can see, it's no place to make a mistake.

But once I get past all the natural beauty of the woods I actually get to do some hunting. Lots of game in here and there is a road for 4 wheelers to get us down here in the morning.
This is typical of the country where my wife and I have been hunting mule deer this past week - hilly, sagebrush, junipers, quaking aspens and the occasional pine.
And these are typical of the mule deer we've seen this past week - does and fawns! Oh, well. We're getting out, and we don't need the meat anyway. 🙂
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