Where you hunt pictures!

Here are some pics of the 2023 season. All deer were harvested on our family's property which is mostly farmland. This is hardwood timber surrounding river bottoms and non-tillable areas.


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31131.jpeg 2023 grandson with his loud short 270. I think it's a partner. Looks just like a H&R. Been too close to it too many times when he was way less than his 6 foot height. IMG_20231207_192718.jpg Built this because he has always had ants in his pants. We go out in the dark and come back after dark. He offered to carry all the gear so I could walk easier this year.
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Not a tree within miles where I hunt. But enough up and down terrain to usually sneak up close enough for a shot.

Here's a couple from Northern Wisconsin (Vilas County) last Nov. it was a weird year, no snow all season, with temps in the mid, to high 30s. Usually their is 6-12 inches of snow, and temps in the teens at the most.


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These were taken today on my favorite piece of government land. Hunted for deer here this year had no luck. This evening my FIL let me borrow a squirrel dog to hunt over since he was too tired from our hunt this morning . Didn't have any success but that was just bad luck she treed twice, first one was in the hole next time it was too dark for me to see. Of course we stumbled upon a fresh pile of deer droppings and some big ol buck tracks about 100 yds from where my tree stand was all season IMG_20240210_154544267.jpg IMG_20240210_154757610.jpg IMG_20240210_162656221.jpg IMG_20240210_163237862.jpg IMG_20240210_163253694.jpg IMG_20240210_164036109.jpg IMG_20240210_164804147.jpg IMG_20240210_165822936.jpg IMG_20240210_173716590.jpg IMG_20240210_173719344.jpg
Sadly most all of mine are on the wall or floor now ,thumping brush nor the cold or heat bothers Me . What does is , PACKING OUT !!!. NO more ,without horses mules or SxS ATV !. Besides MY killing days are #'d now . Decades of memories serve ME well .
There’s not to many hunters who can proudly display their Grand Slam! And your Mt Goat is off the charts! Congrats on an outstanding hunting career.
Not where I hunt but at my daughters house in her front yard yesterday. This is in a nice suburban neighborhood, Minnetonka, Mn. I couldn't get a good picture but he was a big with a nice rack. The year before police snipers shot 10 deer in front of her house. They use silenced AR's at night with night scopes.