Which 17 Rimfire rifle?

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Sep 6, 2006
This is actually a 2 part question. Part one of the question is is simple, 17HMR or 17mach II? I know the cost difference allready so I guess the real question is about difference in performance and accuracy of the 2 cartridges. Honestly, most of my shooting is target shooting so how accurate is the 17Mach II compared to the HMR? I am leaning toward the 17HMR.

Part two is, which rifle? The two most important things here are accuracy and cost. Right now I would have to say that my choices are limited to the following 3 rifles in the order which they appear:

Savage BTVSS: Good looking Accurate Accu-trigger Really nice stock $360

Marlin 917VSFT: Good Looking Accurate Fluted barrel Really nice stock $360

CZ 452V: Beautiful rifle Accurate by all accounts Availble single set trigger $380-$525 The only downside is it is only available in blue.

I chose the model which I liked the most in both the Savage and the Marlin. I might switch to a different style stock or get a Marlin without the fluted barrel which would obviously change the model number. Let me know what you think of these rifles especially if you have personal experience with them. I saw a Savage yesterday and am really kicking myself for not buying it at the moment but, if you tell me the CZ is really accurate I might be swayed. It really is a beautiful rifle. It probably feels better than the Savage or the Marlin as well.
The HMR is a spectacular shooter out to 150 yards and beyond. Sub MOA groups at 100 yards are not great... they are routine. The performance is explosive on small gane and trash birds.

The HM2 provides nearly the same performance levels, but to shorter distances. I think of the HM2 as a 'better' .22 LR, thus shooting out to 100yards max it is devastating and just as accurate as the HMR.

In short... how far are you going to shoot? The HM2 will do most of what the HMR does for cheaper, but not at the same distances.

You simply cannot go wrong with the CZ rifle of your choice. My HMR's and HM2's happen to be Ruger 10/22 builds I did myself, but you can get great performance out of the CZ for less money and certainly a lot less time invested.
Thanks Markbo

As I said most of my shooting is off the bench and all the round has to to do is go through the target board.:neener: Right now I am limited to 100 yards but I may be joining a range where I can shoot as far as 600 yards. I know that neither round is good to those distances. I figure the 17HMR is probably good on P-dogs out to about 200 tops. I might get to go on a P-dog trip in the near future so I would take this rifle along for the close in ones. I already have rifles in 204 (2), 223(4), 22-250, 220 Swift and 25-06 so I think I've got the long dogs covered. :D
If it were me I’d get the 453 Varmint in .17HMR with the SST and fluted barrel, model 02076 - $478 at Whittakers. :)

I have a 452 Varmint in .17HMR that’s been very accurate with the standard trigger.

I did the math, considered the options & made my decision. It's a done deal, my money's where this post is. No .17 of any form at all, thenkyewveddymuch.

The winner was: CZ527 in .223.

i have all 3 of those rifles, in mach 2. A lot of dudes that origionally bought and had multiple 17hmrs, now just have one of those, as a hunter, and then have the multiples now in mach 2, as both a 150 yd max hunter, and an all day plinker. Accuracy is the same, just make sure you get Eley/Remmington mach 2 ammo with the mach 2, as it is usually the most accurate for dudes.
Go over to http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/

and check out the 17m2 thread, you will see many discussions on how many guys have switched to this round, it is just so cool and so much fun, it really is the best thing to come out in rifles in my lifetime. Which means i will have to get a centerfire 17fireball/machIV, which gets the same bullets up to 25 grains, going 4000fps from the muzzle, with just a smidge of powder.
Plus an added benefit of the mach2 rifle is that it will also fire the 17Aguila/pmc/High standard round. This is based on a true lr round, as the mach 2 is based on the stinger round, but the aggie fires a 20 grain fmj-bt bullet, and leaves the muzzle at about 1900 fps, and is good for non destruction of meat, and tiny entrance and exit holes, this is good for fox, coyote, or anything else you are trying to save skins on.
Generally speaking, 9 times out of 10, if you were to pull new rifles from the boxes, the cz would be a little more accurate than the other two, but It would proly be non noticeable, you would may have to graph it on a computer prgm. The savage and the marlin of course, are more bench shooter looking, and you can easily do simple mods to make the trigger better.
The cz is more traditional, and is beautiful, and makes a great pass down rifle.
And of course, the single set trigger, if you have never shot one, is like a big
bowl of butta, so smooth and light!!!
I can't tell you which to pick, you need to fiddle with them , and shoulder them, and just figure out which one appeals to you best, I consider them all equal to get in my mind, but I tell you this, I prefer the mach 2, by leaps and bounds, over the hmr. Not that it is better or more accurate; becuase there is absolutely no jump to the muzzle when you pull the trigger, and it is so much cheaper, and just a giggle-laugh box ton o' fun!!! Look at it this way I can shoot 100 boxes a year of each , easy! X 15. dollars ea. for the hmr = 1500 dollars(no tax)
X 6.(avg) ea. for the mach 2= 600. dollars(no tax)
that diff alone will let buy all three rifles one year, then put decent glass on them the next, in just 2 years, and buy 5 cases(10,000 rounds) of Eley/remington mach 2 ammo the third year. Case closed.
Have a Marlin (my son's) and several CZs. CZ all the way, in 17HMR. Stainless is a worry only if you are lazy and don't take care of your guns.

I wouldn't bother to buy the CZ-453 with the set trigger. Most Americans quickly tire of them, you have to reset them every time.

Buy the 452 for $100 less and add a RifleBasix trigger. It's easily adjustable. You can mod the 452 trigger for under $20 with a Brooks trigger kit, but it is not easily adjustable.

I personally like the weaver adapter for the CZ rimfire's. At $40, it makes life so much simpler and you can use an Weaver compatible rings. I put on a set of TPS tactical rings. The scope will get replaced some time in the future.

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