Which .45ACP for home defense?

Ok so I'm not sure I buy the whole less noisey part to be honest. I've shot my 45 Auto 1911 with two different 45 Cal Suppressors and it was very loud. Like hurts my ears, loud.

My 1911s, P220 and 2 CZ 97s with a Rugged 45 can, the sound of the bullet hitting steel at 7 yds is louder than the gunshot.
Outside, don't even wear muffs, now inside not pleasing but tolerable.
Of what you listed I would pick the M&P, Personally I would prefer a Glock 21 SF. Both guns are boringly reliable, and I prefer a pistol to operate the same whether it is the first round or 13th round- not a fan of transitional DA triggers at all. Whatever you end up with, be sure to add a mounted light and get some training with it. Also, firing a 45 ACP indoors without hearing protection will absolutely rock your world. Ask me how I know.
HK-45, PX-4, P-220, 1911. In that order. I've had/have all of those except the PX-4. Just too many people like the Beretta to not consider it.
13 rounds, suppressor height night sights, laser/light combo, low noise/flash - all in one package.


This is where size and weight don't mean anything since this isn't for carrying, so I vote Hi Point. 9+1, accurate, reliable, and cheap.

Glock is a good choice too, they're on the large side, but again that doesn't matter.
???? the HP is significantly larger with less capacity.

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