which brush gun?

brush gun choice

  • Remington r-15- 450 bushmaster

    Votes: 23 36.5%
  • Browning blr lightweight stainless laminate - 450 marlin

    Votes: 40 63.5%

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Mar 18, 2012
I know these two are quite a bit different but which one, of these two, would you choose?

BROWNING blr lightweight stainless laminate in 450 Marlin


REMINGTON r-15 in 450 bushmaster

Guns would be used for a brush gun and topped with a trijicon accupoint 1-4x24
The real question is why do you need a 450 Bushmaster or a 450 Marlin?

what and where like what dodge says. you forgot marlin.also note,magnum research bfr 45/70 revolver can be had with optional 450 marlin cyl for ammo compatibility for the win.

ordered one to match my 16.5 45/70 guide gun.45/70 ammo is easier to find in the boonies compared to 450 marlin.fyi logistically speaking.
I never heard of a rem. R-15?

Not going to look it up either.

The Marlin must be some lever action. I don't prefer hunting rifles where a hammer must be used.
Both are good guns. But are radically different. I wouldn't reccommend the 450 Marlin due to the caliber. Good round just not marketable for resale when you can get same with 45-70 with the same balistics. Reloading compnonets are easier and cheaper to come by as well as factory ammo. I considerred a .450 Bushmaster due to the use of .45acp bullits but opted for a .458 socom. If you reload this is a possible consideration.

Just my rambleing thoughts pick whatever trips your trigger and enjoy.



ps: I didn't participate in the poll because niether would be my choice. Just giving my 2c.
If it's just a hunting/general packing around rifle, choose the lightest and most handy. The R-15 looks kind of cool but it's 7.5 pounds empty, probably close to nine once it's loaded and scoped.
Honestly, if and when I can afford my ideal brush rifle I think it will end up being a Ruger Scout. If I lived in a more southern state (as I hope to at some point) I might try a 6.8mm AR-15 carbine or midlength offering.

BTW - I missed the part about the .450 Marlin chambering. I'd also prefer .45-70 to .450 because you give up nothing with the .45-70 and end up with more available ammo and better resale value (as mentioned above). In my part of the world, although I'd love a .45-70, the .308, .30-30, and other "normal" rifle calibers are entirely suitable for my needs.
Your mileage may vary... and you should get what you want regardless.
The real question is why a .450 marlin? Because I want one. It'll make a real good brush gun with that big heavy bullet, in a nice light, short and quick rifle. Personally I like the BLR over the r-15 and like the 450 Marlin over the 450 BM. It'd not only be a great brush gun for deer but a good backup gun for bear defense when i make it up to Canada.
The real question is why a .450 marlin? Because I want one.

Thank You.

I have a 450 Marlin 1895m and I love it!!!
Do I need it? probably not, but that's whats great about America...We can get one just because we want it. We don't have to have a need. My next purchase will be a Billy Dixon Sharps in 45-90 which I also don't need.;)

I bought my 450 as a brush gun, I went to go buy a 30-30 that day but they didn't have any with the shorter barrels, and they had no 45-70's so I wound up leaving with the 450 which has a 18" barrel. It is a perfect brush gun. It has killed many a hog, it has lost none.
I voted for the BLR, only because those were the two options to choose from. I really don't like the AR platform for a brush gun. It's amazing how many doo dads there are on that rifle that just seem to catch on everything. I like a handy, trim rifle for the thickets and prefer a Marlin levergun.

The only other comment I have is regarding your choice of scope. I've never shot a .450 Marlin, but others here are likening it to a .45/70. If the .450 Marlin kicks like a .45/70, I'd want something with more eye relief, especially in the brush where shooting positions can border on the acrobatic side. I'd prefer something along the lines of a scout scope or maybe even a red dot.
Deepsouth - well said, I also don't need a .45 Cal deer bullet but I don't have anything bigger than 338 and i want a big bore. Not to mention the capabilities of the 450 M as a brush gun are very good. I already have a lever action 30-30. Its a Marlin 336 r.c. made in 1948 and handed down to me from my great grandpa. I'd use that but I would want to put a scope on and it isn't drilled for mounts so i don't want to "ruin" it. I know its not worth alot of money but it does have sentimental value and is in like new condition.

TonyAngel - I was planning on using the trijicon 1-4 because I have it already, took it off the 7-08 I gave to my brother. What exactly is the difference between that and a scout scope? I'm not familiar with one. I do know I don't want just a red dot or holographic sight on a deer rifle.
I voted 450BM even though I dont think you are allowed to bring the AR to canada. I may be wrong though. I loved my Bushmaster and only sold it for money problems.

Actually I'd just go with a 45/70....and did. Love my guide gun!
Craigman - what worries me about the 450 BM is its use of handgun bullets and the magazine issues I've been hearing about. The more I think about it the more I want the Browning. I just love lever action guns, light and quick. The one thing I HATE about the Browning is the made in Japan barrel stamp..... :banghead:
Browings from Miroku are top notch. Have no worries there. When they start saying china.......worry
The "pistol bullet" FTX in the 450BM was designed for that gun specifically....to go 2200FPS. What people are talking about is the choices of tough .452 bullets is not very big, for reloading. They are out there though. There are just more in .458.
Scout scopes have longer eye relief and allow mounting farther forward so that you don't need to worry about busting the bridge of your nose or brow.
I know the Brownings are very well made I just don't like the stamp. Don't ask me why, I really don't even know. And thanks for clarifying, I was under the assumption that you could only get handgun bullets for it.
Tonyangel, are they usually fixed power though? I do want something that has variable power. I'm not too worried about busting my eyebrow, ill just have to remember that its a jumpy round.
I voted Rem and I own a BLR. It has been back to Browning twice. Shame, I like Browning liked the idea of the gun but in reality the mechanism is not that reliable. Lowering the hammer after being in 20 degree weather all day, loosing dexterity and warring gloves is scary. I had the hammer get away from me and slip once. It would have set off a round had there been one in the chamber.
Of the two I would chose the Browning. I would prefer it to be in 45-70 for better versitility. More factory loads and easier to get brass for the 45-70.
I love my Marlin GS.
My first reaction is to say neither would be a good choice, but it would depend on what you plan on hunting.
Neither cartridge is actually "good" in the brush, so just buy the gun that ------> YOU like better!

Of the two, I'd choose the Browning.

A large caliber revolver makes a good "brush gun" too. No gun is actually great shooting through brush....
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