Which One To Buy?

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You can go to the 1911 forum board or the M1911 forum and talk to those who own these weapons first hand...of the ones mentioned think the Springfield is the better gun...but I just bought a Les Baer 1700 and a NightHawk Talon Bob-Tail commander size gun 2800 and could not be happier with both. Recoil is next to nothing with 185grain JHPs...very pleasant shooters both. Blessings.
You will like the MilSpec. I've shot my son's. Nice pistol. I have the PT1911 ($489 about 4 weeks ago). Nice gun also. Does a very nice group at 15 yards.
Why Springfield over the others? I can understand Taurus as they are not the greatest fame for quality ... though alot of value, but why is Springfield the better choice? Has the company won the state/national 1911 competitions or something that I am not aware of?
Nm Are On The Gun
I seem to recall hearing somewhere that the "NM" prefix pistols were assembled in Springfield's Custom Shop.

The NM guns are not built in the Custom Shop, but on the same line as the TRP. They come with a stainless bushing, stainless one piece barrel and undercut front sight. I picked one up LNIB a couple of months ago for $366.

It is now on its second trip to the Custom Shop. First time there it had the delta hammer and S&A beavertail grip safety installed. Now it is there to have a 10-8 Performance rear sight and trigger installed, as well as 4.5# trigger job and an extneded thumb safety. I specifically bought this gun as a base.:D
comparing RIA to taurus is okay. but putting springfield in the same category? thats a little insulting. go with the springfield :)
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