Who knew comedian Jerry Lewis was a gun collector?

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"Who knew comedian Jerry Lewis was a gun collector?"

Well, me for one among many others who knew. Jerry Lewis wasn't a member of the original "Rat Pack" (although there have been more than one version of groups with similar names, and Jerry was in one of them). But, there's one who was who also had a good collection of Colts, both revolvers and ACP's - Sammy Davis, Jr. He was very good at the fast draw.
Heh! I love his driver's licenses! Lot 81.

His pictures are a hoot!

I did something like that with my government CAC ID a few years ago, and got away with my tongue sticking out.

That is, until I had to show my ID while applying for my government passport. It seems the passport people don't have a sense of humor about that. I should have gone into the office with my tongue hanging out, then threw a fit about it:

It's weird that he bought so many similar items.
If I had the financial means, more than one residence - some of them quite large perhaps - I'd have trebles or quadruples of a few platforms too. And probably a short barreled revolver in a number of places scattered around as well.

If I could afford it, I'd have three or four of a few platforms now just living in one place.
Very interesting and varied collection. Had some nice S&W revolvers, Colt SAA revolvers, Beretta semi-autos, quite a few mouse guns and short barreled shotguns. And as Sistema1927 already pointed out no 1911s; at least that were up for auction.
"I'd blow his head off with my 9mm Beretta."

I remember this public comment of his, but not the context.

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Looks to be a practical collection, lots of S&W 38 snubbies, and a Detective Special. He owned a five screw S&W 357 Magnum. I wonder how many guns the relatives got, which did not make it to the auction.

The guy had some nice watches.
Yes I did. I never saw any serious studies of his collection, but was aware he did collect firearms.

Quickly looking at the auction site, it seems he liked Beretta pistols and didn't have any particular 'theme' to his collection. Which is fine. He had a LV concealed carry permit. Makes sense to me.
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For some groups a brick of .22 and a couple of pistols is an "arsenal" :-(

I remember reading about Sammy Davis Jr. and Fast Draw, didn't know Jerry was in the same or better league.

I wonder what Jerry was like when he wasn't playing a character?
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