Who knew comedian Jerry Lewis was a gun collector?

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Three guns & 40 rounds of ammo constitutes a "Huge stash of weapons and ammunition" for many journalists. :)
Col. Charles Baron, 0383316. U.S. Army. is engraved on a couple of the firearms including those given to Jerry. A little googling and apparently he was a colonel in the Army and eventually a Brigader in the National Guard. But also he was a Mob enforcer and a partner in the Tropicana. And a friend of Jerry Lewis.
Interesting. I know someone who has a Ruger Single 6 that belonged to Sammy Davis Junior- authenticated and engraved with his name.
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That was an interesting peek behind the curtain at the private life of a public persona. I browsed through items offered and have to say I admire his taste. It's easy to see he had certain strong preferences and he had the resources to indulge them. Quite a life.
I wonder what Jerry was like when he wasn't playing a character?

I have admired and respected Lewis for a very long time. Remarkable talent.

That stated , I believe that his personality had a very hard edge. I do not have great insight , having seen him just one time in public (early 70's) , otherwise following him as any other fan or interested party would. When I chanced upon Lewis long ago he radiated "STAY AWAY" . The late interview I linked shows the same demeanor , nearly 50 years later.

Gifted , accomplished beyond description , and , as it turns out , a collector of firearms. Raised a fortune for charity. No rule says that a person has to be a Teddy Bear as part of that mix.

The old adage of "They broke the mold..." certainly applies to Jerry Lewis.

I'll tell ya... I watch, attend, participate and consign in a LOT of auctions over the years. I smell some schilling in this one given the prices and "Lewis" provenance not withstanding.

Not surprising. Back in the day when you could bring your .22 to school in certain areas, guns were less "evil" and more common place. The modern day hollywood gun collectors are more surprising to me. Chris Pratt. Angelina Jolie. Brad Pritt. And the obvious Uncle Ted.
Hammer prices on the guns are now available on the web site. Every gun that I had an interest in sold for way more than the estimated range.
I was interested in the S&W revolver that is inscribed with something like "to Jerry, love Mel." It sold for thousands more than the estimate. Jerry was friendly with both Mel Brooks and Mel Torme, but the auction house told me in an email that they don't know who this Mel was.
Yep. As stated above, he was accomplished at fast draw. Somewhere on YouTube there's a video of him twirling a Colt SAA on stage.
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