Who sells actual Armscor 1911s, whats a good price?

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Jul 28, 2003
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Everywhere in my local area, nobody seems interested in ordering an actual Armscor 1911 versus the very readily stocked Rock Island G.I. 1911. From what I've read, the pure Armscor cast and manufactured 1911s hold a slight edge in favor over the RIA and Charles Daly products by budget 1911 shooters- despite RIA and CD both using Armscor parts.

I like the Armscors for their word of mouth quality and their extended controls built on a full size 1911 frame, a good value in their class. Around here though, like I said, the RIA is the only thing I can find to look at in person, and is also selling for $400 to $440 at several different stores. From what I've read in various posts, this seems a bit high, especially when the Springfield Mil Specs in the same display cases are priced almost exactly the same. Thoughts or opinions on these dilemmas? Thanks.
I apologize if you know this already...

Armscor Precision in Nevada handles the marketing and distribution of both the 'house brand', and to a great extent, of Rock Island Armory. RIA's are selling well enough right now, so maybe (just guessing) API is carefully measuring how much of the house brand to put on the market so neither brand suffers from market oversaturation.

until they can get their online presence in working order, try
Advanced Tactical Firearms

I don't know if this addy and phone is still up to date, but

5329 South Cameron
Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89119
Tel. No. (702) 362-7750
Fax No. (702) 362-5019
E-mail address: [email protected]

Maybe they can steer you towards a brick-and-mortar outlet for Armscor's 1911-type pistols, if not sell you pistols outright.
Good luck!

Those RIA's you quoted sound like they've been marked up $100.
Both Armscor and Twin Pines (which owns the RIA brand) will likely be pretty ticked off about it... TMK the whole point was to provide good, solid 1911 pistols for the common man, and ...IIRC violating that philosophy is what Twin Pines and SARCO parted ways over some time back.

you can find one of armscor's "enhanced" models at Turners. Slightly better than milspec. i.e. lowered & flared ejection port, novak sights & ,ags, ambi safety, extended slide release, FSS, and stuff...

I'm getting one very soon

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