Picked up an Armscor 1911 today.

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Did you put the thumb safety with the hammer cocked?
If not, that's how you do it.
Install the hammer and the mainspring housing in place (pin and everything), then cock the hammer and install the thumb safety. If that don't work, look at how the sear spring is installed. Its probably not installed properly. Keep us updated. You can PM me too if you like.
It's at the Smith now. I just told him to fix it and make it feed EVERYTHING including empty cases. THEN I will be happy.

I simply cannot own something that won't perform like I think it should. It either gets fixed or gets sold. Of course if I sell something I can't sell it without telling the potential buyer everything I know so I'd take a beating on it.
So much for the Sub $400 1911. I'm sure I'll have well over that invested before I'm done.
Red Herring alert

Personally I have never seen the need for a semi-automatic pistol that will feed empty cases. I have never met anyone who carried empty cases for self defense or used them to win a match. Have you?

I just can't understand why this silly obsession with feeding cases persists. Once a round has fired I want it OUT of my pistol ASAP.

The only place an empty case needs to be able to feed is into a reloading die.

Has anyone ever said, "The revolver is better weapon because you can load it with empty ammo"? If you ever hear anyone say this they have a whole lot more empty than their ammunition.

Now I have personally seen a LOT of pistols that would feed any normally encountered bullet shape (and some unusual) that would simply refuse to feed an empty case. Although i have seen a whole lot more where it was unknown. I personally don't know if my so far 100% reliable Colt Government will feed an empty case. I have simply never tried it. Nor do I plan to.

I have also personally seen a LOT of pistols in which the owner would boast about it's ability to feed and chamber empty cases from the magazine but were EXTREMELY unreliable with real ammunition. I have even seen pistols that would consistently feed empty cases that were incapable of reliably EJECTING fired cases!

The 1911 as designed by Browning flawlessly fed, fired and ejected 6000 rounds of live ammunition during a military test.
That same original design sometimes balked while ejecting loaded rounds. Of course the mindset at that time was that the ability to eject live ammo wasn't quite as important since removing live rounds was not usually a life or death matter.

A pistol needs the ability to reliably feed/chamber LOADED ammunition AND have the ability to reliably EJECT the fired ammunition.

While it might be nice to perform vice-versa it's not nearly as likely to get you killed.
Bluesbear, I don't seriously expect it to feed empty cases. As you said, what woud be the point? I just say that to add emphasis to how good I want the weapon to function.
Put two empty cases in the mag and I bet it won't feed! :evil: Shows the importance of the mag spring pushing the round up for controlled feed.

Why's it back at the smith? your dremeling wasn't the fix? or you couldn't get it put back together correctly after the detail strip? Sure the disconnector wasn't in backwards? Very easy mistake to make.

HighVelocity, my comments were not directed at you as much as they were at the cosmos in general. Forgive me if it sounded that way.

This is just one of my pet peeves and I happened to get roped into a "discussion" of this, just this past weekend at the gun show, when a dealer friend of mine was trying to explain to reason with a moron who was insistant that because his gun would feed empty cases, that the 185gr JHP (non Golden Sabre) Remington factory loaded .45 acp ammo my friend had sold to him was defective. I mean that ammo has probably the best track record for reliable feeding of any ammo except GI Ball.

It's just one of those "fables" that just seems to never go away.

I have an old Marlin 81DL bolt action .22 rifle that my father bought before I was born that feeds .22 Short, Long and Long Rifle ammo "interchangably and without adjustment". No matter how fast you work the bolt it just gobbles them up.
Lady45 has a Remington 550-1 semi-auto rifle of the same vintage that is the same way. Standard velocity, high velocity, hyper velocity, subsonic, supersonic, it don't matter. As fast as you can pull the trigger it will eat anything except the Aquila Colibri and CCI CB Caps (with the CCIs, sometimes it does sometimes it don't).

But neither of them will feed an empty case.

Actually the more I think about this the more I don't wish to own ANY gun that WILL feed an empty case.
If I pull the trigger and only get a click and then when I eject the round all I get is an empty case, I can surmise that there is a bullet stuck in the barrel.

On several occasions I have had a fired case bounce off the barrier and land back inside the Federal or Remington bulk pack box and almost get reloaded into the magazine tube with the next handfull.

YIKES! Sorry for the thread drift. :eek: They've upped my meds dosage due to increased physical therapy.

Back on topic.
I think the Armscor pistols are vastly underrated.
Except for the extra set of slide grooves I can find nothing to dislike about them.
I have only fired two of them but I would rely on either one for asset protection.
No box 1911 standard can be expected to feed hollow points. If it does, that's a bonus. If it doesn't, having the feed ramp polished and the barrel throated is usually the cure.
Picked it up from the smith today and after going back and forth between him and the firing line a couple of times it's all sorted out.
I ran through what various WWB and UMC hollowpoints I had and a box of 230gr Fiocchi hollowpoints as fast as I could (trying to melt it haha) and it ran like a champ.

I feel good about this gun now and am glad to have it. Total investment, gun, tax and smithing $426.50 and it's exactly the way I want it.
Hey folks,
I'm new to this forum and was reading this thread and thought I'd let you all know I recently purchased a rock island 4" commander about 3 weeks ago. So far the only problem is the tiny combat sights and a serious hammer bite. I'm waiting for my new hammer to come in. As for feed problems, I haven't had any yet it seems to like everything from FMJ to JHP.
I'm willing to bet that the breechface was burred or rough.
I've also seen 1911's that had problems due to the SLIDE STOP believe it or not.
It was more than likely a very minor thing. A little more patieince on your part and you could have made that dog hunt by yourself..
I've learned that most "gunsmiths" don't know as much as us regular shooters do. We lack a lot of the specialized tools in most cases. It's amazing how much good or BAD you can do with Mr. Dremel.. The point is knowing when to stop.

And hey, the pistol can't be that bad.. It wore your Dremel out.. I bet the metal is of decent quality in that gun. Who knows, you might even one day send us some pics of a hard chrome finish on it..
Originally posted by ppcrusa
I've also seen 1911's that had problems due to the SLIDE STOP believe it or not.

Slidestop lug poking too far into the magwell?
BTDT...on a few non 1911 pistolas.

Amscor 1, Dremel 0

...and congrats to HighVelocity on getting his Armscor with its external extractor (urgh) and ramped barrel (argh) into shape!
:) :) :)

Did you ask the smith on how he fixed it? It might be worthwhile to know, just in case you run into another problematic 1911 in the future. Just a thought.
Did you ask the smith on how he fixed it? It might be worthwhile to know, just in case you run into another problematic 1911 in the future. Just a thought.

He changed the angle of the feed ramp and made it flatter. The ramp was so steep and deeply curved that the opening of the hollowpoint bullet was biting into the edges of the ramp and jamming instead of sliding up the ramp into the chamber.
I've got a pile of assorted hollowpoints on the way from a fellow highroader and when they arrive it will be torture test time. :evil:
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