Who taught you to handload?

Who first taught you how to handload?

  • My father

    Votes: 14 8.1%
  • My grandfather

    Votes: 5 2.9%
  • Another family member

    Votes: 7 4.0%
  • A friend

    Votes: 18 10.4%
  • I taught myself using books and the internet

    Votes: 112 64.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 17 9.8%

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When I started hand loading I didn’t know anyone who loaded, and was left with no other alternative than to teach myself. Luckily I was starting with 38 special which in one of the more forgiving rounds to load. To begin my journey I downloaded Lee Modern Reloading #1 from archive.org and read it completely. I then followed up with several videos from YouTube. That was several years and many cartridges ago and I’ve been learning ever since.
My uncle (mother's side) taught me and his four boys starting around 9 or 10. It started with watching and listening to stories while he puttered and worked magic. Then at some point it stopped being magic. I passed the "make a decent cup of coffee" test and then the puttering and stories turned into lessons and tasks.

Ray Holt, Sir Clive Sinclair, Jim Westwood and the two Steve's - Jobs and Wozniak - hadn't invented the personal computer yet so using electronic media was a non-starter.
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A friend taught me to load , and the
charge for the lessons was an obligation
to show others, and pass the obligation
down the line.
I've never minded not receiving $$$
The safety aspect is satisfaction
enough. Just me- I'd never dream
of charging someone to mentor
them as far as loading.
He also showed me what a Contender
pees- tol was capable of in qualified
I was aware because my grandfather was handloading by the 1950’s, my dad by the 70’s.

When I started in the 1990’s I followed Speer, Hodgdon, Lyman reloading manuals to the T, along with RCBS die and press information. Worked everything up, measured case expansion, measured & questioned everything…

A month ago I bought new RCBS 45-90 dies. Never even looked at the instructions and had perfect 45-90 reloads in a couple hours. Funny how things become intuitive once a guy gets seasoned.
I got talked into highpower in the early 90's. The enabler, um, friend also "encouraged" me to start hand loading. It really has been a great hobby I didn't know I needed. Bought an RCBS Rockchucker kit and added to it through the years. I now load for 20+ rifle cartridges and maybe a dozen pistol. That would be on a Dillon.
Richard Lee had a hand in it.

Myself using books.

AL Gore hadn't invented the internet.
Both of these pertain to me.

Nobody I knew reloaded. I can read, but if it wasn't for Richard Lee I could not have afforded even buying the tools.

Started with a set of Lee does; which come with instructions and data. And a scoop. I was all set - loaded thousands of rounds with just that and a hand press.