Why do you choose the gun and caliber you use for defense?

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My normal carry gun is a Springfield Loaded 1911. I'm comfortable with the 1911 platform, and it fits my hand. It points like my own fingers, and picking up my gun is like shaking the hand of an old friend. I like the .45/230 loading, and I feel that it is as effective as any other handgun loading available.

On rarer days, I carry the Glock 17. I don't really have any reason for it, but some days I just like to carry it. I feel adequately protected with 18 rounds and a reload of 9mm/124 +P.
I have several guns to use for carry purposes.

1. S&W 6946 as a primary about 8 months during the year is 9mm with 12+1. Medium sized gun.
2. Kel-tec P11 as primary for 4 months in the summer is 9mm and can use the same mags as the 6946. The other 8 months it is a secondary or bug. Small sized gun.
3. Kel-tec P32 is a always BUG in a pocket holster. Works when no others would. Very small sized gun.

All are accurate enought, 100% reliable and are the right size for my needs.

Sometimes I carry all 3! :cool:
Sig 229 in .40 with a .357 Sig barrel on the side. My only carry piece for all year round, because it's the only one I own.

If I add another at some point though, it will likely be a Glock 22 or 23 for lighter weight.
1911 Colt .45 and .380 PPK only when Colt is too cumbersome, one FMJ followed by all HP. Best solution for possible problem at distance anticipated.

My first choice for CCW was 600 nitro pocket pistol with a 30 round mag that kicked like a 22, but I couldn't find one so I carry a Glock 26.
For what goes bump in the night: USP Fullsize in .40 with nightsights and a surefire x200 hanging off the rail. I choose this for several reasons. #1 is the .40 package has good power to capacity ratio (13 rounds). I like the safety and decocker setup as well as the ability to keep it in it's Versavault in condition one. The safety also is familiar to the 1911s that I use as well.

For daily carry: Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander (CBOB) in .45. Like a lot of other people, I like the fact that I'm carrying a 1911. It is dead nuts accurate. The Winchester Ranger 230gr. assures me if I do my job properly then it will immobilize the target. I like the thin frame and slide of this gun. The bobtail makes it even more comfortable as well. This rides in a Galco Skyops IWB rig.

Others that I could or could not choose from:
Sig 239 (Daily Carry). I like the gun but not as much as the 1911. The .40 round doesn't shine to me when compared to the .45. I do choose it when I need something lighter and smaller. Good for shorts and a t-shirt.

Sig 226R. Excellent gun. Big capacity (15+1 rounds). I just wished I had gone with a .40 or .357 sig. Of course 16 rounds of Gold Dot 115gr. is nothing to sneeze at.

Dan Wesson Razorback. Target sights on this gun rule it out for daily carry. The lack of nightsights rule it out for bedside capability.

Para-Ordnance LDA 16.40. Just too unreliable to bet my family's life on.

The .22s. No one should take this option seriously. If you can shoot this round effectively to stop a person then you need to learn to shoot something else.
1911A1 in .45. I can conceal it well because it is so flat.

And if 8+1 rds of 230gr JHP .45 doesn't do the job, then 17+1 rds of 147gr JHP 9mm+P probably won't either:D
I typically carry a CZ-75D PCR in 9MM. Its a nice balance of size, capacity and caliber. Its small enough to conceal, yet large enough for me to shoot it well.
One more vote for the .45 ACP in a 1911.

Comfort in the hand and in the holster.

It makes big holes. :evil:

Trigger is 2nd to none. :cool:

I shoot them better than any other handgun I have shot. :)

They are purdy!
makarovnik said:
I wish it came in 9mm parabellum but it doesn't so I will settle for the moderate 9x18.

Wait, what are those makarovs i see that say "9mm" on it. Do they just mean 9x18? What ammo do you use in yours and how hard is it to find (not meaning online but in random stores)?

Just planning on buying that gun (Russian made Makarov 9mm IJ-70). :)

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I pocket carry a Taurus M85 Multi-Alloy most the time. This is primarily due to it's light weight and convenience of just tossing the gun/holster in my pocket. It also conceals well no matter how I'm dressed.
It goes almost everywhere with me.
Although .38 Special isn't my favorite round (9 mm is), for a fight stopper as a civilian, I'm quite confident in this little gun.

The guns I prefer are a Glock 19 or a Kahr MK9...but that little .38 is my most frequently carried SD gun.
Wait, what are those makarovs i see that say "9mm" on it. Do they just mean 9x18? What ammo do you use in yours and how hard is it to find (not meaning online but in random stores)?

It's a blow back and shoots a Russian round not related to the 9x19 aka 9mm Luger. The bullet is actually slightly bigger and the pressure is a lot lower due to blow back operation. You can also get Maks for the more common .380 and that's probably what I'd get one in since you're limited in ammo selection with the Mak round. I don't carry FMJ even in .45 auto.

Although .38 Special isn't my favorite round (9 mm is), for a fight stopper as a civilian, I'm quite confident in this little gun.

My 9mm Kel Tec is more compact than my M85UL, but I do carry the revolver a lot, especially when I'm going fishing or something where I prefer the stainless/alloy construction. After 9 years of carry, my Kel Tec's slide ain't that purty anymore..:D ..but I don't really want rust on it. That little Taurus has an amazing DA trigger, though, about as good as it gets in a DA revolver, and it's quite accurate. It's a fun little gun and I like it a lot and consider .38 special plenty. The main reason I like the 9 is more firepower if I'm going to the big city and it does carry easier.

If I'm going to carry anything bigger than the Kel Tec, it's usually my Ruger P90 IWB. I do have a P85, but I shoot that P90 a little better and it's a little more accurate.
I would carry any of the guns I own, and have from time to time. But I have settled on one gun as my primary CCW/SD gun which is my Sig P229 Equinox in .40 S&W.


The .40 S&W is provides the best balance between mass/velocity/# of rounds in the mag.

If I have to pull out my weapon I want the person to realize it's a serious weapon and not to be taken lightly. Although I'd prefer to carry the largest frame gun possible just for intimidation purposes, the P229 is a decent size and can be counted on both in terms of reliability and accuracy over a range of distances.

Aside from the looks of the gun (which is WAY cool) I really like the combination of TruGlo TFO sites on the front and tritium night sights on the rear. I find it very easy to get a quick, accurate sight picture even without my glasses.

I strongly believe in DA/SA for a carry gun which means it's either the P229 or the P220, so I prefer the slightly smaller frame with more ammo.
Springfield 1911-A1. Have both the 4" Champion, and the 5" 'GI-45'.

Don't have a DA .357 revolver, although the GP-100 Ruger is way up on the want list. Do have a cheapy .38 DA (Rohm/RG) snubby, but that one stays in 'Foggy's Artillery Locker' most of the time. I only shoot the RG with very light (130-gr FMJ) loads.
1. Works flawless.
2. Accurate or actually I personally shoot it well.
3. I like the caliber and feel it's effective.
4. Capacity adequate.

That's what I look for ......................:) .
Read my name and guess!

O.K., I'll tell you. I carry 5" 1911's. The frame fits my hand, I'm intimately familiar with it's manual of arms and it comes in an effective caliber. No, I'm not a 9mm basher, plenty of goons have had careers cut short by a 115 gr. slug. Handguns aren't rifles, none of them are magic. I just prefer the 1911 because of ergonomics and familiarity.
When running errands with the wife and kids:
S&W 431pd. A perfect "always" gun. Light enought to carry with you anywhere. Holds six rounds instead of five, and the ballistics on the 100gr GA Arms ammo is better than the 110gr 38 +p rounds, but with lower recoil.

In my car and when going to the rougher sides of town:
G19. Usually loaded with 147gr stuff I got from the FBI. Sometimes I'll use the lighter +P+ stuff (115-127gr). I use this combo because I shoot it better than anything else. If I find a hi-cap pistol in 40 or 45 that I can shoot as well, I will go with them. In the meantime, I'm sticking with the G19.
Why do you choose the gun and caliber you use for defense?

Fact is defense is like hunting, the faster the target bleeds out the better for you --- the person trying to defend himself.

One hole in -- one hole out. Over penetration is a Aboob myth, You just need to be mindful of your target and what lays behind it.

I carry a Kel-tec p3at whenever I can do so legally. It is easy to carry either in my front pocket or clipped onto my waist band. I just picked up the clip accessory and it works really well. I realize the .380 round lacks the oomph of larger calibers but the gun is extremely easy to carry.

I've also got a SP101 in .357 with 3" barrel recently. It balances and shoots extremely well. The .357 surely packs enough of a punch to fulfill the function of a CCW. I plan for it to be my house gun and to carry it on my belt when I can wear a coat. Right now it is way too hot outside, so my p3at is still my constant compantion while my SP101 is waiting for it's next trip to the range.
CCW: Smith 642, because concealment is everything. Anyone sees it = I get arrested.
Home, bump in the night: Taurus .45 semi auto, light weight, easy to employ, stopping power
Home, serious sh*t: Mossy 12 gauge with #1 buck, real stopping power
Out jogging: Sabre mace/pepper-spray combo
My first gun, purchased long before CCW in MO was a Beretta 92FS. It is my almost constant companion now. I do move to Taurus 650 CIA 2" snub .357 on occasion. But I love that 92. In 12 years, no FTF, FTE. She shows some holster wear, but she is still beautiful in my eyes.:)
I tend to rotate the night stand handgun.
Home = 686.357mag with 158gr Black Hills JHP
Home = 627 loaded with the above ammo
Home = 625 loaded with Black Hills 230gr JHP

A Benelli M4 is the one constant at home defense.

CCW= M&P .40S&W with 165gr Gold Dots.
carry vs. home

carry a kahr .45 acp. very comfortable and it is accurate, not toy gun accurate, but full size accurate.

Home: thunder ranch LB Home defense. I sleep like a baby in a bad neighborhood.
my offerings...

CCW: Smith & Wesson 642-2 airweight (internal hammer snubby); DAO; 5-shot,.38 +p rated; Hornady .38spl (non+p) 125gr XTp's; reload is 5 of the same in a Bianchi Speed Strip;

CAR: Smith & Wesson 60-7 steel snubby; DA/SA; 5-shot; .38 +p rated; Federal .38spl +p 125gr sjhp's; reload is 5 of the same in an HKS speedloader;

I like the ease of use and reliability of a revolver and the j-frame Smith & Wessons are proven platforms that have a great track record;

I like the weight of the 642 for carry and the internal hammer so the gun can be fired inside a pocket if necessary and the mechanism of the gun won't get snagged with material lining the pocket; I like the Hornady load since it has less recoil and muzzle flash than a +p and offers more controllability for followup shots; it is also very accuracte in this gun;

I like the size of the 60 for stashing in the glove compartment and the steel adds extra weight for recoil control; this gun is reliable and easy to shoot with the older semijacketed hollowpoints; the Federal load is accurate in this gun;

for the curious: home gun is a Ruger P89DC that is loaded with Winchester WWB Personal Defense 147gr jhp's in 9mm; I keep a 15 round hi-cap magazine in the gun and a 10-round magazine as a backup; I have a second of each magazine that I use to rotate so the springs don't set and cause malfunctions
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