Winchester 70 Stealth vs. FNH TSR XP

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Mar 11, 2009
Hey, me again looking for my second bolt rifle-purchase, got it narrowed down to the Winchester 70 Stealth in .308 or the FMH TSR XP in .308. Now I know that these are the same two rifles, however they are slightly different, in barrel length(I will cut the Stealth down to 20"), magazine system (I am really unsure of this), and stock (I will replace either stock later).

Here are two links:

Winchester 70 Stealth:


Decent gap in price range, but the barrel cutting and scope rail would make the upfront cost negligible.

So what does THR think would be better, uses are informal target shooting and hunting.

I can't help you with the tsr but my Mod 70 stealth is really nice and really accurate.Another thing to consider si that the Mod 70 come with a B&C stock that imo is better than the hogue on the tsr.
i can speak on behalf of the fn tsr since i have one, you cant go wrong with this rifle. this is my first bolt action in .308 w/removable box magazine. 24" mil-spec cold hammer forged flutted barrel, hogue stock is grippy with aluminum bedding block, the trigger is 4lbs creep free. accurate outa the box
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I have the FN, but mine has a floorplate instead of the detachable mag. I would pick the Winchester between these for 3 reasons.

#1 I don't like detachable mags. Spares for the FN run about $50 each. The Winchester has a floorplate and holds 1 more round.

#2 The stock on the Winchester is a LOT better. I could not wait to get the Hogue off my FN and throw it in the trash. The B&C is not my favorite stock, but it is 10X better than the Hogue. I also have one of the Winchester Extreme Weather rifles in 308 that came with the B&C stock. I replaced it with a McMillan and took the B&C stock off the Winchester and put it on the FN after opening up the barrel channel. It made a HUGE diffference.

#3 Cost. Other than the stock and barrel length they are essentially the same gun. Why pay $110 more for the same gun with a cheaper stock. Plus if you are like me you will probably want at least 1 spare mag which will run the price even higher.

I do like the 20" FN barrel a bit better than the 26" Winchester barrel, but with the cost savings you could have it cut and recrowned shorter if you want and have money left over.

Either are good guns. I'm very pleased with both the FN as well as the new production Winchesters
Thanks, I am like that, I hate having only one mag (only have one with my AR!!). I like not having to keep up with extra mags and I like the sleek look of a floorplate.

Tiwil, how is the grip area?
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