Yikes! Problem with Barnaul 5.45

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Feb 1, 2003
I've heard about Wolf throwing a 5.56 cartrige or two in with their cases of 5.45. Makes for an interesting day at the range from what I understand.

Well, you can add Barnaul to the list of companies that throws us a 'ringer' every once in a while. I went out to my range of choice to have some fun with my SAR2 on sunday. The main purpose of the trip was to blow out a few (2 month) old boxes of blue box Barnaul. I dont know how I didnt catch it while loading the mag, but about halfway through a rapid string, a jam occurs. "Thats odd" I say to myself, "I done heard these here Rooshan guns dont hardly ever jam'. And for the most part, Im pretty correct. 2000+ through the gun without a hiccup.

So I rack the bolt and what pops into my hand? A 5.56 round :what: :what: Needless to say, I paled a bit thinking 'what would have happened if it had partially chambered?' But its good to know that it jammed against the chamber face, going nowhere near the hole.

PS, my friend with a mini-14 asked to see the round, and immediately popped it off before I could explain the gravity of the situation (bullet setback, how much powder is in the case, etc)...

So no pics, Sorry :fire: :cuss: :banghead: :scrutiny:

They sure look like they would fit. Took an extraordinary amount of self control not to try it.

i don't think you'll have to worry about setback in one of those russian steel cased rounds....

go get a hammer type bullet puller...

insert a round, and count how many hits it takes just to move the bullet....

eat your wheaties...:D
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