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    Glass bedding bolt action rifles

    Keep that fear while you apply release agent or grease whichever you choose to use. You'll be just fine.
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    Best .38 Special Handloads

    My favorite bullet is an old 358477 150 grain. I've used it over 4 grains Bullseye, 5 grains Unique and 4.5 grains HP38 all shot well. Oh I used to do the Elmer Keith thing but not anymore.
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    New (to me) Iver Johnson Break Top

    I like that.
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    Advice Please

    Thanks a lot fellows.
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    Advice Please

    Thank you, ONTARGET.
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    Advice Please

    Boys and Girls, I have accumulated a couple hundred dollars worth of Cabela's gift cards. Is the Ruger Wrangler worth it or not? I know, it's free anyway but I've always been a poor boy and still hate wasting money. .22 ammo is available and fairly reasonable. I refuse to give the price to...
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    Cant hit a bird

    All of the above and a good pointing dog.
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    Some new grips for an old friend.

    Jar, who makes the black holster in your top photo? Rex
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    Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x 50mm Rifle Scope

    I think the scope would work good for you. Myself I like just a cross hair when I look through a scope no other lines in it at all.
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    lever guns

    I have a Marlin 93 lever rifle that my Granddad gave me many years ago, like it a lot but I also like my Remington 760 slide action.
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    EDC Knife

    The knife that rides in my pocket everyday year around is a Case full size Stockman. Three sharp blades. I've never had to cut a seatbelt but the last deer I shot I'd forgotten my Buck 110 so I field dressed said deer with the sheep's foot blade of the Case.
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    Just bought one I’ve always wanted. But…

    I bought a new one several years back, nice rifle. Gave it to a Grandson who was starting to shoot. Only problem I had was wearing a long sleeved shirt with the cuff unbuttoned and it dropped a hot case down the shirt sleeve.
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    Primer Price?

    Savage 30L if you lived closer I'd give you 2-3 hundred I have more than I'll probably shoot and I don't shoot the old '06 much anymore.
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    Primer Price?

    Boys, I realize they are free to me but...........when we talk about inflation we have to take a hard look in the mirror. If we are willing to pay they are willing to take that price. We are part of the problem.
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    Primer Price?

    Thank you Boys. I'm an old man that grew up on a farm in Kansas and have shot all of my life. I guess now at 80 I guess it is time for me to hang it up, damned if I'll get robbed for components and ammunition.