$1300 ak??

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Sep 10, 2010
Just saw an ad for a Modified" A K 47 ,normally priced at $1300 on sale for just under a grand.
It has all the tacticool stuff on it-Quad-rail, door-bustin' flash supressor, bipod, vertical front grip, etc.
Does anyone actually think an AK is worth that kind of money, or am I being snobbish?
WOW, Krebs has one listed over 2100 bucks! I would have a hard time paying that much for and AR or any other rifle unless it was a match precision rifle. I would love to have the ones from his sight but I would be willing to bet I can set up my converted Saiga in a similar fashion for much less money.
Yep an AK for that kinda money does not make my boat float (at all) but there must be those who like them or they would not have a business.
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There are many. You can't appreciate the quality unless you handle and shoot one vs merely internet browsing...
An Ak type rifle is like a kitchen utensil. You should pay about the same.
Personally I have aVz that cost about as much as a pressure cooker.
What will a $1500 AK do that my converted Saiga won't?

Typically your looking at this price for 'nicities' such as AK100 stocks etc.
Personal choice. My $330 WASR with Romanian Wire stock will do all I need it to do.
(Although I HAVE switched to the 'Triangle folders' for the most part, they are just more comfortable... and yes, sexier!)

I've also got a $1,000 WASR... but that's COUNTING the optic!;)

I have several AK's I've got over $1,000 in...

But they happen to be 7.62 and 5.45 Krinks!:D
I've got over that in this AK. Is it worth it? Probably not to a lot of people, but it is to me. Not only pretty, but it shoots just over 1 MOA.
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I purchased a Arsenal SA M7S with a Kobra red dot sight, case and 5 clip of various capacities for 700 buck about 7 years ago. It had had about 50 rounds fired thru it. Saw some on gunbroker in the area of 1500 bucks today. Are they worth it. Not to me. I bought a new Saiga in the same cal when they were 199 dollars. It shoots just as well as the Arsenal. I left the Saiga stock as she came from the box. Sort of a wolf in sheeps clothing.
Any good is worth whatever you can get for it, but yeah I don't understand who is paying that kind of money for an AK. Especially when you can convert a Saiga for half that.
I don't think it's that outrageous for a rifle. AK's are no different than any other rifle. You can get entry level rifles for substantially less, or you can buy upper end rifles. WASR 10's vs. Arsenals.

I just bought a $1200 factory (non-custom) Arsenal SGL-21.94 and couldn't be happier with it.


Some people would say a $800 M&P AR is all they would ever buy or need, and others will spend $2,500+ for a MR556A1 H&K. Value is very subjective.
$1300 will buy you a much more capable AR-15 from a reputable maker with about all you could need.

I can't imagine blowing that kind of money on an AK.

I can't imagine blowing that much money on an AR either. You can get a good one for much less.
People buy million dollar cars that other people can't understand. It's their business.
If you are talking about the Centurion I would say no. If you are talking about an original milled rifle with quality optic, or Valmet then maybe. As long as market forces justify the price.
Personally I would never pay over 450 for an AK but that's just me.

But I do own a Krebs KTR-03S that is amazing, I traded a run of the mill Armalite AR for it and have no regrets.

The stock set was custom made by Scott Murphy "Ismurphy" over on AKFiles. I sent him the wood and he did the machineing and finishing. He is an artist with wood. Mac's shootin irons did the green finish, and the builder had the barrel straightened and cryo'd. It was an expensive AK, but to me it is worth it. I really like great looking guns that shot as good as they look, and this one does.
It has everything to do with it, jon. The value of something is different to everyone who is interested in purchasing it. Some folks don't care what something costs or what someone says it's worth. It has a value to them that may differ from the actual "going rate". When I say cars, it's just an example, when you watch an auction, somtimes the same make and model will fetch 10 different prices depending on the persons will and ability to want to own it. Worth has litttle to do with price when you deal with things that men want, same with jewelery, or anything collectable like art etc.. Just look in gun trader and you will see prices that are really all over the place. If someone wants to pay $650 for a used Glock that costs less new, that's up to them.
I get what you are saying GYM. What it is worth to YOU depends on you personally. Some people would think it is well worth 1300 bucks or more while others would see it as a total waste. I think the OP was looking for more of an opinion than a more abstract answer like that but I do get your point.
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