45 ACP Bullet Setback

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Stated on this thread that I haven't used the FCD....so once again you're just making things up......

Also... glad to see that you quit when you get called out.....

You have a GREAT day also......!

Actually I'm glad you think things like this. Didn't know you calling anything out nor do I care.

I really had no idea this thread was "All about you"

Why don't you start your own thread & I'll gladly have fun with you. Come on let's play ball!!!
So, forest, you're the only one on the forum that knows how to properly use a Lee FCD as it was intended, even though contrary to how Lee says it's intended to be used. Impressive!

As Walkalong inferred, you're method will work with brand new unfired brass, like the factory uses. Reloading fired cases? Not so much.

You made a wise decision to stop with your last post. You have a great day, too.

Actually I got bored with posts like these!!! I simply gets old dealing with reloaders that have limited knowledge/experience/abilities but will tell you just how wrong you are about something they don't understand.

I truly wish people would think about what they are actually posting. A guy like Ed Harris tells you to use the same fired cases and do xyz. And people like you use your vast knowledge of reloading to come up with posts like this.

Last I knew the op was having trouble with r-p and star brass. Last I knew the op was separating those brands of brass.
I have an earlier version of that die, it has a carbide ring which will size the complete round after seating and crimping the bullet. And it squishes the bullet. It was my recollection that bullets came out loose after going through that die. Maybe the memory is wrong, but after realizing that the bullet was being resized, I decided I did not want smaller bullets. As long as my round chambers and extracts, life is great.

If a weapon needs the Lee FCD resizing the loaded round, I think the chamber is too tight. Or there is something massively wrong with case wall thickness.

Most people use the lee fcd die as a glorified case gauge. That's when more often then not bad things start to happen.
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