58 grain Vmax load

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Oct 26, 2009
Hey all,
I have been handloading for several 243 rifles for many years. I use the 58 grain Hornady Vmax bullets for coyote hunting and they are extremely accurate in my rifle which has a 1/9 twist rate.

I am running out of my stash of IMR 4064 (my preferred 243 powder) but I recently got a bunch of Varget powder.

Can anyone who has loaded this bullet and this powder give me an idea on what their Pet Load is? I have loaded Varget powder with this bullet before but I lost my load data book. I'm thinking I was loading 43.5 gr?

I know, I know.... start from the bottom and work up, looking for pressure signs..... Unfortunately, I don't have close access to a range to try 10 different loads, so I'm looking to load them once and call it good.

Thanks in Advance!
Hodgdon lists 41.0 to 44.0 with the 58 Vmax. I love that bullet for coyotes too. My Ruger .243 loves it in front of H380. Try some of that, at about 3600 fps or so. Mine didn't like Varget for whatever reason.
Thanks for the feedback. Anyone else load Varget for 58 gr VMAX? I know my gun likes this load, just can't remember what I loaded it at, and don't have time to test about of loads. Need to get it sighted in for coyote season
I've loaded quite a few of those for a good friend of mine, among other powders, I loaded a bunch with Varget, 4064, IMR-4895, IMR-4350, IMR-4320, H4831.

The Varget load I like with that Vmax is 44.5 gr. with a velocity of just over 3700 fps.. But as we all know, every rifle is different and will have it's sweet spot. 43.5 would be just fine, assuming that's what your rifle shoots well, and it sure won't be at all anemic, nor should it be pushing the upper limits. In my Lyman, 43.5 grs. is about 57% table, so it's not a risky starting load either, IMO.

FYI, Hodgdon data, which is rather conservative in comparison, would put that 43.5 gr. charge at around 83% table, and would put you .5 gr. below max.

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