9mm SWC

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Dec 24, 2002
Has anybody ever seen a 9mm Semi Wadcutter bullet mold, or know of anyone that produces a 9mm SWC? I've seen loaded ammo with 9mm SWC before, but can't find any cast bullets. What would be the pitfalls of using .38 special SWC (.358) in a 9mm (.356) case? Would the bullet be too long?

Inquiring minds want to know... ;)
The .358" bullets will be a pain to load, and probably won't chamber well. The 9mm is a tapered case and with the length of the 158 it will need to be seated pretty deeply to fit the magazines.

Now, spend about $12 on a Lee push-through sizer and you can load those bullets in your 9mm. They shoot REALLY soft too. Bevel base bullets work best, they don't bulge the case as far down as a flat base bullet.

Lee makes a couple 9mm SWC molds. I think the one I have throws 105 grain bullets but I can't remember for sure. At any rate they shoot really well.
Meister has a 150 gr 9mm SWC that you won't have to drive as fast as those 105 or 115 grain cast bullets. There may be other sources, it is a standard model Magma mould. though listed by them as a .38 Super design. I had some from the old Bull-X company and they shot well.

lists a "Bushwacker" brand 9mm 125gr hard cast lead SWC for $37.50. They ship USPS flat rate which runs $12 a box which can hold 2-3000 rounds.

So far I've been very impressed with Powder Valley's fast service and the quality of the "Bushwacker" 9mm 147gr FP which make a nice soft shooting 9mm steel plate load. I'd been buying Northeastern "moly" coated bullets which were a bit less expensive, but much dirtier to handle, I'd have stayed with NE, but they are so back-logged it's taken 6 weeks to get half my last order :(

I've got bullet molds for 9mm SWC bullets in both 115 grain and 124 grain. They work just fine, but some guns are kind of finicky about the shape of the bullets they will feed. The SWC cuts a nice round hole in paper.

Hope this helps.

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