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A MUST buy Book!!! Montana Western Heritage Project

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by rbertalotto, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. rbertalotto

    rbertalotto Member

    Jan 19, 2011
    South of Boston
    There is an organization called "The Montana 4-H Western Heritage Project"...this organization is working with youths to develop an appreciation for American western history. Included in this learning is the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting where kids are dressing like 1800 cowboys, shooting real guns and competing in Cowboy Action competition. A great idea if I ever heard one.

    So like all of this type of endeavor, they need money. Gifts and donations are great, but when you can buy something that is truly fantastic, AND help a cause, it is a Win-Win!

    The Montana 4-H Western Heritage Project with the help of Montana State University has printed a book that is an absolute MUST HAVE if you have any interest in the guns, clothing, holsters, and even petticoats of the old west.

    I ordered a book just to help the cause. I never expected a beautifully bound, heavy paper, high gloss book for my $25! 155 pages of world class photography, descriptions, folk lore and real knowledge of ALL things American West!

    The photography is simply amazing. And the written detail is completely enjoyable and informative.

    What a fantastic gift for a grandson or grand-daughter or for you!

    All proceeds from the sale of the book support the Montana 4-H Shooting Sports Program, " where tomorrow's leaders are taught to ride, shoot straight and tell the truth".

    Here is a review:

    Here is where you order it......Three version, soft cover, spiral bound, hard cover coffee table version...

    I have zero association with this organization currently, but I'm going to try and start a chapter here in New England.......

    A few pictures:



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