Airport parking lots

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Dec 24, 2002
Fort Wainwright Alaska
I work at the Tucson airport, for a small air freight company.I know i can't have a gun in the airport buildings.

Can i have a gun in my car, parked at the airport? :confused:
Yes i have a gun in car now:D I just want to know if it legal.

Yes i looked at :neener:
I'd like to know, to, but I'd advise against asking the TSA or the airport security. The second they hear "gun" they'll haul you in and do a full cavity search, then send you to Cuba for detention.
I stood in the airport a few months ago and spoke with a TSA employee and a local cop, both of whom knew I was armed.

Airports are not federal property. I fail to see why I can't carry in an airport, as long as I don't attempt to enter the secured area while armed.

I assume you're talking about the Emplyee parking lot? I think that since it's not considered an AOA, there shouldn't be a problem.

I won't tell if you won't.:evil: :D
Gun possesion is forbidden on the gate side (or sterile zone) of the airport security zone.

Bout all I can find in my handy book called Arizona Gun Owners Guide by Alan Korwin. You can get it at just about any gunstore. I got mine at The Marksman Pistol Institute for $12.99
unless it's company policy, you can carry as long as it's not a federal "sterile" area. (provided you have all required permits to CCW and/or are allowed open carry)
I have the same question, but slightly different. Can an employer prohibit me from having guns in my car, in their parking lot? These would not be removed, accessed, touched, loaded, or even see light between the time I pull into the lot, and pull out of it. The policy is no weapons on the premises...and i want to know: does that include secured guns within my vehicle (locked and/or in cases, in a locked car). Anyone have experience with this?

They say it does, but I wonder if the law gives them jurisdiction over what is in my car, and stays there. Yes, I have a permit to acquire, but no CCW. I am not carrying them.
a couple of AOL employees were fired for having firearms in there cars in the staff parking lot which IIRC wasn't even owned by AOL but leased. again if IIRC, the courts upheld the fireing.
Arizona law states that you cannot have the weapon in a public establishment if the owner posts it as such. Doesnt meantion anything about parking lot.

My take on it is that its gonna be in there and no one is gonna know about it.
In Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport

Last time that I flew several months ago, during a condition orange alert, they had roadblock checks on the airport access road before you got to the parking lots. I didn't get checked but I had left my Roscoe at home as I had suspected that it would be happening.
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