All I want for Christmas is?

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Oct 22, 2010
I have all my teeth...So it's between a Wilson-CQB or a Custom Shop Springer. Which do you choose and why?

My only real issue is time. I could pick up a CQB tomorrow and the Springer will take months and months. I have a Brown SF and Colt LW Commander, along with a miriad of other handguns, so I wouldn't be without.

I am looking for foward and top serrations. No Nighthawk, Baer or DW so please don't suggest them.
Wilson, far more selling power IF you ever need to sell it.

Look at the Dan Wesson as well.

You can see my pics of them here:

As for me:

I'd be happy with a RAMI BD ( Decocker with factory nites)
or a Gen 4 Glock 33 .357 SIG Baby Glock to carry as a backup
to my two RAMIs.

Both are on my list to buy before the P-09 Duty appears in late April
(or we at CZforum are hoping) as that is an interesting gun.


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It's a toss up. I'm a huge Wilson fan, but Springfield has some nice guns and their custom shop puts out some incredible stuff.

I guess it depends on whether or not you're getting everything you want on the Wilson. If not are you willing to wait?
Guns I have; loading components I'm always wanting. And a ton of alloy for casting.
A completely overhauled government.

Since that ain't going to happen, I just want to stay employed.

Assuming that happens, I just need a ton of ammo.
The accuracy of a Wilson along with its excellent trigger is better or equal to anything on the market in my opinion. It also maintains its value very well. Unless you have a specfic preference, I would buy the Wilson.
Mr. Clause has promised me a nib T/C Contender with a 14" .223 bbl. because I was a good boy this year and helped little old ladies across the street.:)
I have a Blued Colt Gold Cup Trophy on the Lay away plan at the LGS. That will do for now.
Lots of votes for WC, yet how many of those votes own one?

Me, I'm still undecided... I want a little more dehorn/melt than both offer ( not a full Clark, just slightly more than some), so I may go with a 3rd option and have something sent off.. Who knows....
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I have a 5" CQB...blued, with black Armor Tuff .45 acp, 4 lb trigger that breaks like glass ....its a nice gun / its my primary carry gun...and mine is about 10 yrs old I think, and I have at least 25,000 rds thru it with no issues at all. For what its worth - I'd buy it again ! I did have them add an ambi safety and a mag well to the original spec...

I also have a Wilson Protector model, 5", all stainless, in 9mm / mag well, ambi safety, night sights that I've had for several yrs as well...and its my primary practice / range gun ( for 1911's anyway ) - and I had the trigger specd to 3 3/4 lbs that's perfect. ...and its well over 40,000 rds now - and I did break the end off the extractor recently -but Wilson made the repairs for free - paid shipping both ways - and I had the gun back within 2 weeks.

I have other 1911's - Brown, Baer, Kimber...but none of them ran 100% right out of the box like both of my Wilsons did. I like all of my 1911's - but the 2 Wilson's are 2 of the better guns in my safe...

I think you get what you pay for in a 1911...and I'd recommend the CQB. Wilson will do a lot of extras that are not in their catalog - so if you want extra dehorning done, all you have to do is talk to them ...and pay for it of course...
Sig 229. But the only way I'll be able to get one is to get hired by the local police department which hopefully happens soon
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