Almost got it boiled down to 2 guns... Help... need input

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Mar 1, 2007
Hey folks...

I think I want to either go with an NAA .380 Gaurdian or a Kahr MK9.

My indecision is based on the fact that 9mm is more powerful but is a good deal larger. While I can conceal it well I appreciate the fact the .380 is even more so concealable. I am pretty sure that I can get 9mm power levels from the .380 with +p high performance rounds, but it would be harder to control due to results of recoil.

Both pistols are used and the same price at different gunshops and I cannot try before I buy.

I need all the input I can get about both brands of pistol.

thanks for your time
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Consider this as well


I hope this helps:

For personal CCW, I have, both the Beretta 40cal and Sig 9mm listed below.

Both guns CCW very easily, comfy, and do not paint, because, depending where I'm carrying for whatever conditions I'm in, I know what I can do, and what I can't, without risk of painting, and staying stealth is what is all about, bar-none IMHO.

Personally, as you can see, I too, have a 380 Sig, but I bought that gun for 2 reasons, less recoil for my wife's first gun and experience of less recoil, than some of the bigger 9mm gr loads, as well as size. Once she gets past the learning stage, with fear, etc., I'm sure she'll be able to move up to the 9mm.

Then the 380, my/our Bug-gun, is gonna be just that, for backup, as I can tell you, with others, it holds, least ours, only 7 in the mag max, and one chambered, vs 10 rounds in my 9mm and one chambered.

And that's if your limited, like here in Calif., magazine loads 10 max. But that still left 2 issues, less ammo, per magazine, and less impact of the smaller gr/weight bullets of the 380. Making this short, one gun will require, if your placement shots are not on the money, and that is key, more bullets to stop the threat, and the bigger 9mm, will have more punch, and you'll have 3 more bullets to shoot, if it goes pure south, let alone, the non-skill required to pop-out 9mm mag and pop one back in, vs my 380, as it has first, a heel release for the mag, and second, it doesn't just go straight in. Nope, you have to angle it just right, then it straightens up and pops in. Time is key when your life is literally in your hand/s, and, at hand for that moment.

Now here's the real other issue to think about, I can't speak for the 2 choice guns you are looking at, but I can tell you that of any of my guns, with the exception of the Sig 380, breakdowns, weather in the field, at the shooting range, or at home, for cleaning, inspections, upkeep you will do with your gun, is a mind-maze of learning muscle-motor-skills with the 380, (again, least mine) as opposed to the simplicity of the others, simple, fast, no learning curve to speak of, and no muscle, motor-skills, are needed for most 9mm, and up, semi's.

I know other 380's that have the same weird, breakdown, and putting them back together issues, that I speak of.

Make sure you at least have the gun salesman show you/demonstate the breakdown and putting back together both, and you try breaking down and putting them together in front of him, after he shows you how, and note his time on each, and your time and effort for each.

Then your decision will be even more clear IMHO.

Personally, I'd point you away from the 380, and at the 9mm.. bar-none

Good luck,

I will NEVER AGAIN own a KAHR.

Do a search of people's experences... they suck, their customer service is HORRIBLE, TOTALLY a bad company to deal with.
(Some of their guns seem to work, others won't work even after they have been back to the factory several times.)

I owned a Kahr K40 and put it up next to my dad's Walther ppk, it just a thin hair bigger. My vote would be the Kahr, and if u want more knockdown don't pass up lookin at a 40cal Kahr. All my experience's have been good concerning Kahr.
+1 for the Kahr. I own a Kahr CW9. It's a great shooter, conceals very well and so far after 400 rds, not even a hiccup.
Just took my new Kahr PM9 to the range today and it was flawless thru all 216 rounds I put thru it. The accuracy is incredible with all six shots touching each other in a quarter size group from 25ft. This is the first Kahr I have ever owned but now I am seriously looking at some of their other firearms. Great firearm!
i have a kahr k-40 and it is a great carry gun, easy to conceal, even in the summer time when i wear shorts and a t-shirt. they are great shooters with nice triggers, and they have a nice set of sights. i really like mine. i also have experience witha .40 ploymer which ididn't like as much and a k-9 elite which i like better than my k-40. but they are all great shooters and there has never been a problem with mine or the others that i have experience with.
I have no experience with the NAA but I have an old Kahr E9 and have been very happy with it.

My brother-in-law just bought a PM9 and we took it to the range a couple weeks ago. We only had the time to put about 60 rounds through it and it shot great. It had one failure to feed due to a bad factory round that had not been properly crimped. 60 rounds is not enought to consider it 100% reliable but it was pretty impressive for an brand new gun.

The accuracy was good. We could hit clay pigeons laying on a dirt bank about 30 feet away.
The hottest .380 rounds do not get close to even standard 9mm Luger in terms of stopping power. For that reason alone, the Kahr is a better choice. May want to also check out the KelTec P9.

Personally, I go with small revolvers for pocket carry rather than these little autos which can be unreliable.
I am pretty sure that I can get 9mm power levels from the .380 with +p high performance rounds...

I think that someone has been misleading you. The 380 is often viewed as a bare minimum round, and is not in the same league with any decent 9mm. The one, the only reason to own a 380 is concealability/light weight.

Do a search of people's experences... they suck, their customer service is HORRIBLE, TOTALLY a bad company to deal with.

One man's opinion, quickly countered by many that hold the opposite view. My experience with my PM9 (yes, it had to go back) was very positive. Kahr was responsive, their CS lady Dottie was polite, professional and got it done. They were a GREAT company to deal with, so much so that I bought a P45 as soon as I could find one. The PM9 is my constant companion in the summer, the P45 takes over in the winter.
By all means do not take my word for it...
but PLEASE check... you'll find MANY more Horror story's out there...

(You WILL note that the above poster STILL did not have a working gun when he bought it.)
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