Ammo gettin better

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Has this been entirely a result of demand? In other words, did the rate ammo was coming from the manufacturers decline?
I thought it was getting better around here, but still havent seen 22lr or 17hmr in mths. Whats really odd, ive seen 223 regularly, but no 22-250 since last nov.
I wandered into the local WM about 9:30 a.m. .223 (Tula) on the shelves; 22LR for sale at the counter. Things are getting better.
Sports Authority today had .380 (lots), 7 mm Mag, lots of shotgun shells and that was it. I haven't seen .22 LR on the shelf for four months.
The local Dick's here in Columbus Ga. Has had 5.56 all week, plenty of 12ga which kind disappeared around here for awhile. No .22LR, .308. The LGS has pretty much all the calibers you want however the price is a problem. It seems to be loosening up some though. Are we at the end of it? Doubt it I think it's gonna fluctuate for at lease another 6 months if not more.
I was at a walmart the other day, for other things. I got three boxes (50 rnd) of 22. It had been on the shelf almost the entire day.

Two more lucky stops like that, and I can take the kids shooting...
...again, ive said it to you before, if you put the same effort and capitol into getting set up to reload, you would be a lot happier right now. components and equipment actually isnt that hard to find right now.

Nonsense. You can't flip reloads for a 300% markup.
It's mostly a function of how many potential buyers can be patient.

This is a good time to shoot ammo which requires hearing protectors, i.e. 7.62x39, 8mm Mauser, mostly because several weeks from now a .22 rifle won't require them.
Such typically hot/humid weather down south in June could reduce some of the demand for actually Using ammo, could it not?
Once again, we don't care if U reload! most people I know just want to able 2 buy a couple of thousands rounds per year and enjoy some occasional shooting. That's it, most people don't reload, and will never reload because we don't shoot every week. So please don't try to make us feel like we r missing out on something.
If it were food there'd have been a lot of starved people a long time ago. that's a hint to buy a sack of beans now
i like this quote. am going to keep it in mind for the future (aka next crisis). it's a good thing to keep in mind.

reporting from my experience in south FL, my local Walmart has pretty bare shelves. small LGS down the road was selling Tula 7.62x39 for $.80/round, & CCI .22LR in boxes (was it 50 or 100? can't remember) for $.25/round.
JMO. I think a lot of the ammo on gunbroker, 22lr in paticular is from gun shops that arent putting it on the shelf. More money to be made on gunbroker. Their ammo. Guess they can do as they please.
Supply is fine. Demand is unquestionably excessive. If you, and others like you, would quit standing in line waiting to buy up all the ammo as it rolls off the truck, the retailers could actually stock the shelves with it. Then, when people start seeing stocked shelves again, they won't be as inclined to make fear based purchasing decisions.
the ammo panic is over but the inflation rate will last for 3-4 months.
I can find no evidence of the local ammo supply improving. In the KC area, both Cabela's and BassPro cannot keep 22 rim on the shelves. The reloading section is cleaned out as well, especially if you reload .223. I use Benchmark powder, Remington primers and Sierra bullets. Can't find any of these components.
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