Another flavor


Nov 7, 2005
Utah, USA
I built this up from a Remington 700 action a few yeas ago


22" Wilson SS Light varmint, 1:7 twist 223, remage nut barrel, in a Magpul Hunter stock. After shooting that stock for a while, I realized that it just didn't fit me all that well, including the grip angle, but I really liked the Magpul bottom metal system.

Soon after, I ended up pulling off the Hunter stock and selling it. I had another Remington stock sitting in the corner left over from another project and decided to put them together. It had already been inletted for a heavy profile barrel , so it fit like a glove.


I installed the factory Remington bottom metal, but am seriously considering inletting it for the Magpul system. I did this on another Remington that I have and it feeds like a dream from a magazine. It may get a Matthew's Kydex cheek rest but I do like this stock style a bit more already.
I started off the weekend by swapping scopes with a 4-16x Sightron that I picked up on the used market, and found it to be a nice little compact scope.

Shooting time included practicing some dot drills at 100 yards, and steel targets at 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards. Wind wasn't easy tonight, at 600 I was holding 1.2 mils of windage, almost 26"

More shooting today. Still struggling with getting the trigger consistent. I may need to give up and put a good aftermarket on it.

Three 5-shot groups with 62 grain bullets that were pull downs.