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Another Ruger LCP Range Report

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Bear2000, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Bear2000

    Bear2000 Member

    Sep 13, 2007
    Not like THR needs another one of these, but here goes:

    I picked my Ruger LCP up on Friday - $285 total after shipping and FFL from R&R Arms. I received an automatic email telling me they had two available at 4:03 p.m. on Tuesday. I happened to be at my computer and called immediately. By 4:05 both were sold, and the salesman at R&R told me the following day that he could have sold 200 in a half hour. The server, he said, almost crashed. Apparently I wasn't the only one who got that email!

    I brought it to the range today, set up a target at about 8 yards, and shot 35 rounds of cheap MagTech 95 gr FMC (others guys at the range shot another 15), 7 rounds of Federal Premium Hydra-Shok 90 gr JHP, 7 rounds of MagTech Guardian Gold +P 85gr, and 18 of my own reloads (88 gr Remington JPHs, 2.9 gr VV N320, Win primers, .945 OAL).

    Unfortunately, the MagTech First Defense all-copper 77 gr SCHPs that I had thought would be the most promising self-defense round were just too long at at .970-.975" OAL for the magazine. The LCP seems to like them short (around .945-.950"). I wonder if I might be able to set them in just a bit lower? Any thoughts?

    Anyway, the gun performed very well. I wouldn't say it's a joy to shoot, but the recoil was manageable and my hand is not hurting at all about 65+ rounds. It's really surprisingly easy to aim and shoot. The trigger is long, of course, but it should be, and I found it to be quite smooth (although I don't have any other DOAs to compare it to). It's also plenty accurate. I'm not a very good shot, but I was making 4-5" groups at 8 yards with about 3 seconds between shots, which is just fine. I expect they'll tighten up with more practice. A little bit of paint on the rear sights might be helpful. Of course, they open up when I run the gun, but they're going where they need to, more or less.

    In short, I'm happy with my purchase. This will replace my CZ Rami as my carry gun. It's in my pocket now and it's less noticeable than my set of keys in the other pocket.

    Here are some chronograph results (chronograph set about 5 feet from muzzle):

    MagTech FMC 95 gr:

    **Two FTFs with the MagTech FMCs, but not with me firing it. I invited three other guys at the range put a magazine each through the gun. Two guys had no problems, but one had two FTFs in a row that fired the second time they were fed. Who knows, but it could have been the shooter. I'm going to say it was. :)

    Federal Premium Hyrda-Shok JHP 90 gr

    **This was a manageable round that worked perfectly and has a good reputation. It will be what stays in the magazine.

    MagTech Guardian Gold +P 85gr

    **This round worked fine, but was a bit of a handful to shoot. I was also surprised by the velocity range (940-1049), which was the least consistent of the three factory rounds I tried today.

    My Own Handloads (they all went bang, but...)
    358.3 Doh! But it sure did feel smooth! :)

    **This was my first time reloading .380. I also only bought a 3-Die set from Lee and was unable to add the factory crimp, but relied instead on the bullet-seating die for the crimp. And I started quite low, at 2.9 gr of VV N320. A couple rounds apparently didn't have even that much. I won't reload any more until I get the crimp die, but I will probably go up to 3.1 of VV N320. I'm confident that I'll be able to put together some good practice loads soon enough - all of mine went bang and the LCP even cycled the squibby rounds. So, I might even a batch in the in the 600-700 fps range for practice and plinking.

    Okay, that's enough. I really like this Little Cool Pistol from Ruger. I will say this though: If I hadn't gotten the great deal I did, I would have waited for it. I'm not sure it's worth a $75 premium just because they're in high demand.
  2. tackleberi

    tackleberi Member

    Feb 4, 2006
    Excellent review Bear, and with plenty of detail to boot. I'll assume there were no FTF's/FTE's/etc.?

    It's also nice to see where the pricing is starting to settle at for these popular guns.

    Thanks for taking the time to write up your experience. The more I see the reviews on the LCP, the more tempting it becomes....
  3. Bear2000

    Bear2000 Member

    Sep 13, 2007
    There were two FTFs with the MagTech FMC (the cheapest stuff). BUT I'd like to add that both occurred with one out of five total shooters (I let four - not three, I forgot one - other people shoot the gun). One guy had trouble with it. He wasn't as confident with the long trigger pull and then had two FTFs, one after the other. Both fired when we reloaded them into the gun.

    So, I'd like to think that maybe, just maybe, he "limp wristed it" or something. Or it was just the cheap ammo. EVERYTHING else worked fine, including a couple of pretty shoddy reloads.
  4. jocko

    jocko Member

    Mar 8, 2008

    It's ok to shoot reloads, but IMO not to have the corbon dpx in the pipe , well to me is just sinful. Such a great round and works so great in the lcp's. Nice report, nice gun you got, you didn't pay to much for it, for undoubtedly, you wanted it, so the price justifys owning it. Never look back on buying something that you wanted. To wait 3 or 6 months to save 50 bucks or so, to me is not worht the loss of the enjoymnent of owning it NOW.
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